Sequantizer chord/subsequencer mode

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Sequantizer chord/subsequencer mode

Post by slow_riot » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:24 pm

I find sequencers with multiple rows quite frustrating, as they are OK to get chord results, but for me the way the stages interact really allows deep access to more natural tonal movements. And this goes out of the window with a multiple row sequencer.

There is one trick that you can do with 2 Sequantizers to pair them up and get really interesting tonal movement.

One is your main sequencer, and the second is paired to it via the 10V out from the first going to select in on the other.

Patch each quantized output to oscillator of your choice, and tune them so at each parallel stage on both modules, you can 2 pitches that line up as you wish.

You now have a linked chord structure, ss when the first changes stages the second also changes to the same stage.. (you might have to tweak the pots on the first within the semitone quantizer range to get the semitone you want as well as the stage on second that you want).

Now, use a clock and reset signal on the second. So, when the first changes stages, the second will also reset to the same paired stage, as well as step through varying values according to stage, and all these values are linked to the overall pitch structure you have chosen.

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