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Animodule adventures
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Author Animodule adventures
I had the opportunity to try out a few of the AniModule line this past summer.
Here is a quick sound I made with the Oscillator patched into a Q108, played from a keyboard.
I have plans to check out more of the Animodules in 2013,
and when I do I will make some more sounds and post them.

Just Saw This.
That's Dark.
Thanks we're not worthy
It's AniModule friday! love hyper
Just got the Osc and SOB combo today.

The way the drive and resonance and input levels interact on the SOB
results in some very interesting violent sounds.
The drive and resonance freak each other out in a screaming chestburster kinda way.
Back off the resonance and drive and it does the classic electronic music synthesizer sounds.
Lots of hidden sounds and sweet spots. Very thankful for the input attenuators for audio and CV.

The oscillator tracks perfectly and stays stable when being heavily FM'd.

I'm just making a bunch of noise right now, aliens in space screaming and fighting hihi But by the end of the weekend or some undetermined time I'll have some sounds to post.

I really like the character of these modules,
High quality circuitry with a unique personality.
Thanks thumbs up

Yeah, both the Filter and the WaveFolder are very dynamic.
They both interact with the input level.

For smooth, classic sounding stuff I back off the input to somewhere around 2/3 - 3/4.

They look nice in your rig (if I do say so myself hihi )

Looking forward to hearing some sounds! Rockin' Banana!
I think the ultimate way to use the SOB is to FM it.
OscilliOscillator triangle into CV input,
Sine into audio input,
resonance at the max,

I'll get some sounds bounced down soon.
I spent the whole night with that patch lol

I really love the big knob on the oscillator,
It's comfortable to turn and "play" while FMing things applause
Bonky FM sequence The Chewbacca Defense

square lowpass familiar synth sound MiniMoog

soft to brutal Cthulhu

Feedback FM and modulation Cthulhu
That sounds Awesome!
Thanks for posting these thumbs up
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