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Buchla 132 Waveform Synthesizer
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Author Buchla 132 Waveform Synthesizer
Does anyone have info or a picture of this unknown module?
Curious about this one. hmmm.....
Shasta Cults
as far as i know they made just the one. there is a famous pic showing 2 but don said most of the stuff in that pic was just a mock up for the photo

the one they made is in the proto system at mills.. it works. but was not very exciting sonically to be honest
Any link for that picture?

Thanks Rick thumbs up
i'm working on a buchla-style layout for the ian fritz DoubleDeka vco... seems somewhat similar
Necrobump, as I didn't see any other threads covering this (if I missed one, sorry!).

There's pics that were posted of the one at Mills a couple of years ago...
Cab 2 w/ the 132: -buchla-100-system-the-first
Rear of panel & component side of PCB: ynthesizer-this-module-is-an
And here's the other cabinet, if you're curious: -mills-college-buchla-100

So yeah, it is basically a 32-pot half Double-Dekka.

Usual Buchla 100-series VCO controls: Audio FM jack + attenuator, and a switch to choose between external control via banana jack or internal frequency pot.

I can't quite read the frequency range, but it looks like 1cps to 5kc.

I'm curious about the banana jack trigger output. It is a black banana jack (which would generally imply CV not trigger, but obviously this is a one-off unit). My best guess would be that the trigger is effectively a "stage 1 out" trigger.
Thanks for the necrobump, I'd never seen this module before and the photos you linked to are really interesting.
So maybe this is what Don was talking about in his keyboardmag interview?

Don Buchla wrote:
You have a similar problem if you try to use a sequencer as an oscillator. If you build a sequencer that will run fast enough, you can listen to the stepped output directly rather than using it to control an oscillator, and by changing the height of the various steps you can change the waveshape. That sounds interesting in theory, but the first people who built sequencers that could run in the audio domain—and I guess I was probably the first, but I learned my lesson fast—found that all they were doing when they turned a knob was varying the amplitude of some dominant harmonic, practically independently of which knob they turned. The lesson there is that what we hear in the temporal domain we hear one way, but in the harmonic domain we hear in a different way. So we need to build devices whose design will vary depending on whether they're going to be asked to deal with form or with sound.
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