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hail to the ancient weevils - especially weevil knievel!
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Author hail to the ancient weevils - especially weevil knievel!
hmmm..... anyone know what's become of all those lovely 2006-2008-era weevils of various colors, ahapes, sizes, configurations and so on that are catalogued on the old website? last night was the first time i took a look at them all - oh how i wish i had been BugBrand! -aware back then ! waahhihi

i really, really Lotsa Love the audio sample for the weevil knievel (named after the 1970s motorcycle-dude who was famous for jumping over buses and stuff) - it just sounds so big, spacey, "ethereal" (for lack of better desciprtion)...! we're not worthy - and would very keen on tracking down any additional recordings that were made with this particular weevil! hyper

I feel very nostalgic and warm when I see the classic boxed Weevils and AudioWeevils... now I need an emoticon of hot tea + winter sunlight.
I'm also a weevil nostalgic SlayerBadger! furthermore i was totally aware of bugbrand at the time but i didn't have any chance to pick up an audioweevil, that would make me happy every/anyday It's peanut butter jelly time!
I just pray for a resurrection of this old standalone piece of beauty we're not worthy
Cheers Guinness ftw!
Ha, I saw a cigar box this morning and was reminded of early Weevil days.

The WeevilKnievel was a total oddity - it did things a little bit differently from the others (which were and still are very basic, really) and I loved that particular one (still have it - I don't have much else..) - I tried a couple of times to make such things again and the repro-s never captured the spirit of the original blue one... (you HAD to play the touch-points to get it to sing - I played it live in the Bronnt Industries band and I think it made the last album)

The AudioWeevils were also slight oddities - I was never fully happy with the ways of getting audio in (yes, maybe I should revisit) which is probably the main reason they were never made in great quantities. I guess it was the filter on the last version that did somewhat set it apart.

As far as where the old ones are.. I dunno now! Probably festering on shelves somewhere?!

PS - unfortunately it is very unlikely I'll ever do much like those early days again - all designs are now so tweaked to reproduction that I really don't think I'd go back to the chaotic hand-wiring of the cigar types.. Even the custom touchplates of the Weevil08s are probably too time consuming for production now. So it goes..
thumbs up so awesome -- the WeevilKnievel lives!! iwe're not worthy

i will definitely check out the 3rd bronnt album sometime (were there any weevils on 'shifted sands', btw?).... and i fully intend to capture as much of the knievel spirit as i am able with my tiny (but 2x SYN1) BugBrand! modular subsystem!!

[quote="over in the pictures thread, i"[/url]]so i think i'll do a longer audio-only recording of the same patch later this evening or tommorrow night, and put the soundcloud sonogram over in the 'hail to the ancient weevils' thread i started last year...[/quote]

(hides) well, it turned out that this required a video from me as well (and so it took a bit longer than i anticipated hmmm..... )... anyways, here it s:



applause I enjoyed that vid. Piece of art.
To me, the sound is at it's best when you hear the room fx.

(super boring facts: I've been rafting down snake river once)
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