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Sequantizer in series?
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Author Sequantizer in series?
How do you chain different sequantizers in serie in order to get multiple stages. i.e. 2 Sequantizers -> 16 stages, 3 sequantizers -> 24 stages.

Can this be done?
I think Gary Chang had his modified to do this.

If I had three sequantizers I could do it via my sequential switch that has three outs - but I only have 2.
i found a solution to do it with 2 gate sequencers I own ( made by

I think it could be implemented in the wiard module in the same way, it would work like this:
- make it able to run the sequantizer in a one-shot mode (so a switch possibility between loop and a one-shot of 8 steps)
- give an end-pulse after finishing 8 steps

If you have 2 sequantizers you could patch the end pulse of both modules to the reset of the other module, if they are both in the one shot mode you get a sequence of 16 steps.

So this would mean a modification to the wiard modules.
- one switch between loop en one-shot
- end-pulse out after one run of 8 steps

But for now i do the same thing using the 2 gate sequencers (with 8 steps each)
Use an Envelator as follows: output of each Sequantizer to the crossfader inputs, gate 8 output of Seq1 to Envelator gate input, Square out of that Envelator to the Crossfader CV input.

Recall that the Envelator has attack-priority, that is, in AR mode, the attack portion will always run to completion even if multiple triggers are received during its duty cycle. So with a small amount of fiddling, you should be able to adjust the Square output of the envelator so it alternates the crossfader between inputs every 8 steps, voila, 16 note sequence.

Or, if you have one, use a VC switch and an 8 step gate. You can make an 8 step gate trivially with a Blacet Binary zone.

All Wiard owners have a Binary Zone tucked away somewhere, right? You ought to!!
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