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Lacking on the listening
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Author Lacking on the listening
Sorry that I'm not getting much of a chance to listen to the sounds people are offering up here -- my old computer is pretty sluggish and streaming anything is currently darn limited (you know, crackle-crackle..boop..)

If you're uploading anything, do consider some form of downloadable so I can enjoy too!

Thanks all! I love hearing.
I agree, plus I need someone to then burn them onto a CD as the only time I have to listen is in the car. Weren't the holidays supposed to provide extra time?
Holidays? That's when you have time to work...

And yes, when are we supposed to listen to music, when we are so busy making it?

a scanner darkly
Perhaps the soundcloud group deserves a little promotion:

Looks like there is some recent activity after a long break, which is great, hopefully that will continue, would be great to have one centralized place for all BugBrand goodness.

(guilty of not posting anything myself but will do once there is anything worth sharing...)
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