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Bug and deFormer sounds
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Author Bug and deFormer sounds
Just having a mess about trying some stuff on the BugBrand modular and Gotharman little deFormer.

Don't'cha just love dat demoon kick!?

Nice track Dan! Well done applause
a scanner darkly
Awesome! and most timely (will have little deformer next week...)
Are all effects from LD or was there anything else involved?
Thanks Pas, but, its an SV filter for the kick, I have the Q quite low and its got a tiny bit of wavefolding on it (which makes it sound like the demoon)

Scanner, your going to love the deFormer mate. Theres a bit of reverb from an Eventide Space but everything else is bugbrand processed through the LD (Snare is from the LD). If I get chance I'll do some sounds for you and post in the General gear thread you have going.
a scanner darkly
Ah, I thought the reverb didn't sound like the LD reverb smile
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