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New Controller Power?
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Author New Controller Power?
Does anyone know how the New Controller is powered? I'd like to get one and rack it in a case by itself, is this possible or does it have to be connected to a modular power supply? If so, is there an adaptor to power Wiard stuff off of a Paia or Doepfer power supply?

Thank you for any help
Muff Wiggler
Like all the 300 series modules, it comes with a 4-pin MTA connector, just like they have on Blacet stuff.

Grant told me the new controller pulls 190ma, which is better than I would have expected - I have documented my standalone frac JAGs at 100ma each, and the joystick controllers at 20ma each (based on asking Grant about these 2 years ago), so I would have said 240ma for the controller.
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