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ok a few steps from selling everything for a buchla
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Author ok a few steps from selling everything for a buchla
ok so im maybe 10 steps away from selling my

hammond extra voice
edp gnat
rozzbox v2
modular 4 racks of eruorack all of them full and one rack of frak rack one space open
and a snd sequencer

im about to break please talk me out of this its all i can think about now

and if i were to do it would this be enough tell me not even close

im sick and i need help
DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!

How much do you want for the Gnat ? hihi
if u get the right price out your stuff then just sell it and order the buchla.
Do it!

But first take a trip down memory lane:




and possibly a detour here.
wow i hadnt realized im a part of a universal broken record on this site

but goddamnit i said detour me away from that device not right into it

the gnat im not sure yet i paid 600 for it so itd be cool to get something close to that i also have the prokadi if that helps

but im trying to not fall into the world of buchla but i do like the limitations of the buchla an awful lot not a whole lot to lose yourself in

frak mother fraker
What kind of music do you make? And would it benefit from the Buchla sound more than the Moog?
They are such different beasts.
The Buchla should be a purchase borne out of musical need IMHO.
are you really going to get more out of a few buchla modules?

than all that gear listed..?

I dunno. Buchla is cool and lust worthy but it never hit me, not even close. I mean, two different types of jacks? pfft.

dont do it.
My only advise would be to keep something to make musicks with during the 1+ year wait for your system. thumbs up Plan for this.

Keep a rack of euro. It looks like you will like the 200e, its similar to what you have but different! w00t The Rozz and the SND can be repaced by the 259e and the 250e so you won't miss them much since the do the same sonik audio fukcery, but different! w00t

Um Yeah!
revtor wrote:
dont do it.

Yes, don't do that... Mr Buchla has to concentrate on some orders. Mr. Green
Of course... Nintendo Bongos d'oh!
i 2nd the no-vote.

that's a fantastic list of gear. will one sound source really give you the same pallet as all those others? is that your entire gear list or is there more that you will keep? i have made the mistake before of selling lots of little things to get one big expensive thing and i regret it. i am still trying to recover from it because i can't afford to buy all the things i sold (analog inflation very frustrating)
I gave into the allure of the Buchla and I'm happy I did but I didn't end up selling anything to do it.

no I'm not loaded down with cash and no I'm not riddled with debt either I chose the much less popular route of buying one piece at a time starting with the case and now I've got 4 modules and a fifth on the way. It's not actually that hard to do if you budget for it.

Figure out what you could do with say 4 modules and a 12panel boat and start from there. I'm reasonably sure that Don's got another plywood one or two kicking about at B&A I bought one and he cut me a deal because it's not some exotic wood on the sides, also if you factor in the wait times on complete systems you end up about square if you buy one piece at a time it all depends on how frequently you buy modules.

get an oscillator, a SOU a quad function gen and lowpass gates and go from there, you could even get them in a four pannel boat and trade up later (Don's cool like that) and shit if you don't like it you can always sell me some of those modules second hand (I could totally use three of those)

I can guarantee they won't diminish in value you could get close to what you paid easily or put it on e-bay and watch the frenzy unfold.

you have a lot of great gear at your fingertips already you owe it to yourself to crunch your numbers and find out whether you can afford to budget this without giving it all up. And if you must sell some of it keep things like the rozzbox and the gnat which will not likely be made again and sell the things you could easily re-purchase later if you get to missing them.
If I were you I would sell a few things and get an initial order. After you get those items and have some time with them, sell the rest and complete your order. That way you will never be without anything to make noise with.
I'd spend a lot of time thinking about why you actually want the 200e before jumping into a decision like selling everything you have for a system.

Also, as xart mentioned, many have waited 1+ years for their systems, or even for small orders of modules. It's nearly impossible to get in contact with anyone at B&A for the most part, so it's a matter of waiting and hoping for the best - but only after you can get a hold of them and give them your order - then send them some large amount of money.
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I simply saved money until I could afford the deposit on a full system. I don't make a lot of money, and I'm far from wealthy, but I have no debt. The fact that Buchla and Associates will not accept payment via credit cards is, in my mind, a subtle hint that potential buyers should have their finances in order before purchasing.

One thing to keep in mind is that it takes a while for a system to be built. I planned on selling some things once the remaining amount was due, but as it turns out, I was able to save enough during the wait to afford the rest of my payment without selling a thing.

The 200e is a big investment for me, but the fact that I'm not going broke trying to afford it made the decision much easier to justify. If you can afford it (selling gear or not), then go for it. If you can't, wait a year, save your pennies, and then reassess the situation. If you still want it a year later (as I did), the decision will be obvious.
don h
It might be easy to work through this by answering why you don want a 200e? Versus what you have or what else is out there?
well i have watched alot of videos and was unimpressed with the buchla for a long time cause the only sound i really heard was the buchla bongo and variations on that so i was not sold but this year i went to see blindoldfreak and it was really cool then i watched a few of his vids on youtube and omg he was useing the buchla in a musical way and thats when i started to find more and more vids of people revolting agastist the bongos

im just overall impressed with the range of musical sounds and i love the thunder controller that thing is awesome and you guys are right about not selling everything ill be keeping the gnat rozzbox and snd and maybe even the minimoog and just selling my modular and some of my lunchbox gear along with my russian tube mic and that should get me enough cash for a small system and thatll be my starting point

so ill tell you guys if this is what i do im going to shop certain items around and see if anyone would want them
I wonder if the people in the "Just say no" camp have ever used a Buchla for any length of time? The two-types-of-patchcord argument is a red herring, at best. It may be unusual, and I admit to being skeptical about it at first, but having used it for a while I really think it is a good thing. For example, when tracing the control sources in a patch, the audio patchcords just sort of disappear.

I don't see people who are Buchla users arguing against it... well... except for Lyonel, who may have reasons to keep Buchla & Associates from taking any new orders :-)

- C

I have some Buchla demos, which can be found here.
i'm not hands-down against buchla, i'm just hands-down against selling everything for one thing. a fleet of taxi's is way more useful than a mclaren. 's all i'm sayin.
jarvis wrote:
i'm not hands-down against buchla, i'm just hands-down against selling everything for one thing. a fleet of taxi's is way more useful than a mclaren. 's all i'm sayin.

A fleet of taxis is more useful than a McLaren for what purpose?
going fast: no
parking: no
preventative maintenance: no
Moving a bunch of people from various places to various other places: yes
installing beaded driver's seats: yes

It all depends on what you're trying to do. A jet is better than a helicopter until you have to hover for any length of time. (Harrier notwithstanding)
one of the best things I ever did was spend a month learning EVERYTHING I could about the 200e, lusting hard over one and considering selling things to get one.
One very helpful thing was conquering the 200e yahoo group and reading every post.. this was before this forum existed though, so maybe it is enough of a resource (if not a better one)

I immersed myself in buchla's workflow and line of thought. he really helped inform the way I think about instruments

and then...

I didn't get one.

because I realized I wasn't in love with his particular aesthetic and workflow for creating music... not enough to justify the cost anyway
but I was in love with his approach to building and designing an expressive, modular instrument, and having the gearlust gave me a vehicle to learn a lot about it.
and since then, Ive taken that philosophy and applied it to other setups of my own (more affordable) interests.. which are even more suited to the types of music I enjoy making than had I gone buchla.

those're my 2 cents.
cbm wrote:
It all depends on what you're trying to do. A jet is better than a helicopter until you have to hover for any length of time. (Harrier notwithstanding)

well, right. i thought the analogy was straightforward. i should have rephrased it as "what is better for you"...
well ive been toying with the idea of owning a buchla for a while it was just that once i went to watch a video all id see were buchla bongos and like i said it wasnt till i watched the blindoldfreak vids to see what could be done musicaly

and then i have been going to noisebug and playing with theres and slowly but surely catching on to how it works and now its still got an awful lot of mystery to it but im quickly learn what it can do and what not so my point being i have a pretty good idea about and i agree i dont think ill sell everything i have to get it that was a moment of madness and ill start small and see where that takes me
i still love what alessandro cortini said how it can take you more places than a car ever could

really love that ive experienced this with synths in general but i just love that quote
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