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Tribal Up
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Author Tribal Up

This entire noodle except drums is one sound without tweaking a knob on the modular. It goes from a deep bass to a steel drum to an insane brass. I have no idea what I did. I am using the sine wave audio trick into the R-51 distortion CV, also using synced detuned VCO-2RM oscillators and SEM notch and LP filter and a Plaque Bearer for timbre with gain cv, a cwejman ADSR and 2 model 10's for various attack interplays.

Using the monome to play it realtime. Only sampled part is bass part since I wanted to lead over the top without interference pattern.

Thing is, I lost it. Turned off the computer and Volta lost it's calibration and the magic is gone!!!! I'm having a hell of a time getting it back.
Video with gratuitous graphics here

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