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keyboard advice
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Author keyboard advice
Hello Muff members,

I'm taking keyboard lessons and are looking for a decent keyboard.

It should have the old sound, but I prefer a new(er) type.

Who can advice me?

My budget is €1000 / €1500
Ok, I'll bite: could you give us some more information? When you mention keyboard lessons, do you mean you are looking for a synthesizer or a keyboard sampler with piano sample sets? What do you mean when you talk about having the "old sound," but preferring "new(er) type?"
Or a "piano substitute" electronic piano? We need more info.
First of all, sorry for the lack of information guys.
I've posted this message on different forums and converted it to different languages. Wiping out information.

I'm looking for a synthesizer. Not a vintage-synth but one who is capable of producing analogue/old fashioned sounds. Interaction with a pc would be great to.

Referring to the old sound I mean things like:

I hope u can help me. I'm very new to this.
you might wanna check the usual brands like Korg, Roland and Yamaha.
They most certainly got what you're looking for.

maybe something like a Microkorg or a SH-201 to start with.
Or maybe just a nice soundcard with some softwaresynths and a midicontroller keyboard.

It's usually better to go to a dealer and try a few and then do some reading
to compare features between different makes and models.

good luck with your search
Seems the SH-201 is exactly the thing for me.

I'm visiting a dealer this weekend for orientation aswell.

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