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Author distributers?
Hey muffins,

quick question: Does Animodule have a distributor? I could find these marvellous modules at neither schneider's nor equinoxoz or haven...

I am located in Germany, where is Animodule?

Hi DonKartofflo.
Thanks for your interest thumbs up

AniModule is located in Pennsylvania in the USA.

My modules are available for purchase directly from me at:

I have a little store

In the next few days I'll implement an inventory as well as update my website with a description and a photo of the SOB.
My policy is I won't take payment for modules I haven't built.

I ship promptly and I think my shipping prices are fair but always feel free to email me personally at:
to discuss prices, or anything else smile

Currently I am not stocked in any distributors.
PCBs and Front Panels are cut on my desktop cnc mill then assembled/screen printed by hand.

I don't have the capital to invest in a manufacturing run for wholesale and since I am doing this full-time, the only income I have is module sales.

So if you would like to see my modules on distributors' stock lists Please buy them from me so I can earn the money to afford a manufacturing run.
Hey JRock,

thanks for the info, do you have an estimated price for the sob? looking at the 5U version's tag makes me look around in my room for things I could sell lol
Shipping is no problem, I have become friends with the guy at the customs office since I got into modular synthesizers haha

You show a lot of boldness doing this full time! thumbs up
Hi DonKartofflo,

The eurorack price for the SOB is $269.
I'll get it up on my site sometime this week.
I just want to have a fistful built before I post them up there.

There's still have a MuffWiggler special in my For Sale Thread.

I've gotten to be friends with the guy at the Post Office as well. Turns out he's in to synths and used to program on a Commodore 64 thumbs up
Phew, okay better than I had hoped lol
Mine is a metalhead and guitarist in a pagan band... lovely dude with long hair and chains and stuff. looks super in a german customs office


in terms of c64 music, a fellow musician from my hometown stuttgart makes quite crazy stuff:
I'm in sweden and interested in buying some eurorack animodules!
I'm pretty nervous about stuff getting stuck in customs though... DonKartofflo, prior to you befriending the customs guy, how did you go about? Any tips maybe..?

Don't wanna miss out on cool stuff thumbs up thumbs up
Nothing like a direct connection.. Yeah the Eurorack SOB module is ridicoulously awesome!! Just looked it up on Youtube.. Now I want one lol

Mathew Cox
Piano Tuning DC
I'm a few years behind answering this one hihi
I ship to Sweden frequently.
Usually makes it to it's destination in a week (sometimes closer to 2).

We've got Plenty cool
AniModule SOB Store Page
Ship all over the world.
If you have any questions, please give a shout.
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