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Will a sympleseq do this?
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Author Will a sympleseq do this?
Right now I have a fonitronik sequential switch. I feed each of the four inputs a different static voltage, and use gate from a keyboard to switch between each step. I put the output of this into a waveshaper cv input or a filter or pwm of an oscillator or something. That way, each note is a different tone. It works, but it is a lot to patch up and it's only 4 steps. S&h is another option for random steps like this, but I like the pattern instead.

So could a sympleseq do this? Can I use a midi converter keyboard gate to clock it? I think so, reading about it, but I have never actually used a step sequencer
Yeah it will do that nicely. It clocks very easily -- the input stage is a comparator.
Yes indeed! It should work fine smile Thanks Corex applause

Sorry for the slow response, nikmis! -- I did not get alerted of a new post! Grr...I should check this forum more often!

If you ever have a burning question and I'm not answering here, email me and let me know you asked a question on Muff's and I'll respond in the thread ASAP grin

My email is hex[at]
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