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dirty filter pedal?
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Author dirty filter pedal?
I'm looking for a filter stomp box with a nice aggressive filter in a small footprint any suggestions?
it's got to work on a 9volt
Chrome Dinette
There are a couple of filters here, I think all of it works on 9v:
my wasp pedal filter clone !
for sale or trade ! cv input + distortion

you could try a Line6 Otto Wah. They're not too popular so you should be able to find a cheap one on ebay. I don't have a lot of experience with stompbox filters, but I think it sounds better than my old Cry Baby did. It's gritty as hell, and has a lot of options to choose (up/down sweep, lp/bp/hp filter, plus peak and range knobs). However it doesn't really impress me with the tracking (though again, I don't have much to compare it to), and it's pretty noisy. I use it mostly on bass and it sounds badACE.

Edit: oh and ummmm, haikuish. That pedal is rrrrradical. Nice etching!
Soy Sos
This one's pretty cool. I had an early prototype for a while
but didn't have much use for it. The one I had didn't have room for a battery
inside the case. It needed a wall wart PS.
I ended up buying Haihuish's Wasp pedal I wish I'd known it didn't work on a battery but I'm still glad to have it.

as for wah I have a Snarling Dogs Addicted to Wah pedal that satisfies in that department I was really looking for something gritty and angry for my busking kit, that gyroscope pedal looks swank I'd have bought one of those if I new about it but now that I have the wasp I'm kind of tapped out for the next while I have other modular expenses which take priority.
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