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Random Seed, ( Video )
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Author Random Seed, ( Video )
Vid of BugBrand modular and Gotharman Lil deFormer, + Sequencing by Tetra MAPS

a scanner darkly
Great sounds Dan!

Could you share how is the deFormer involved in this patch - is it just the spoken samples? Looks like samples are triggered and sample start/length are modulated by the Bug?
^ got it in one. yeah I sampled the speech off the radio, its then triggered by the modular (a division of the main clock), then CV from various sources (MAPS and Modular) vary the tune, start, length, filter. variator effect used on sample, deformer sequencer modulates the varistor effect, gotherman clocked from the main clock in bug rand. its only the speech that goes through deformer, bugbrand is on a separate channel on the mixer.
a scanner darkly
Ah cool, thanks! (have a question about sync'ing the LD but will ask in the LD thread instead).
Nice Dan! I really want a tetra maps, in modcan a format of course, like badly, yr not helping haha... applause
screaming goo yo
brilliant piece. applause
I've got the Tetra Maps, Little Deformer combo too. Looks like the AnEx is a must now at this point espcially considering all my modular.

Awesome piece, great to see some Tetra Maps love. Very underrated box.
Thanks guys Guinness ftw!

yeah the MAPS is definitely underrated (or possibly wrongly maligned), I know there are a few users on here but I would of thought it would be more widely used. Its such a great sequencer and does some brilliant stuff. I think it got a bit of bad press for the interface but I honestly don't find it that bad. Its pretty quick to do some fairly complicated stuff. Like all the inter track modulation stuff is quite easy to do.

Pas, go grab one thumbs up

AnaX is essential for little deformer, it really is. I think a modular + LD/AnaX is the best rig going for doing pretty much anything at the moment. I love it to bits.
Gorgeous sequencing! SlayerBadger!

off to play it once more...

Thanks for sharing!
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