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Which stereo delay for a synth?
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Author Which stereo delay for a synth?
I am looking for something FUN to play my modular through. I want it to be stereo out and be able to create simple delays to nice wide stereo images. I don't need it to be analogue or anything.

There are two that have caught my eye: The EH Hazarai Memory Man and the eventide timefactor. Of course there is a big price difference, but what experience have you had with synths and these pedals?...or any other pedal you want to mention.

Pedal? How about the Analogue Systems RS-290 & RS-295 expander? It's quite simply awesome.
Well, that looks great! But I guess I forgot to mention, the price range should be around $400 or so.

I am open to modular delays (euro) as well, but as far as feature set goes I think it would have to be a pedal at this price.

I am definitely not interested in a bbd circuit (I already own an A188 and a malekko 600 dark). I want digital loveliness. hihi

Maybe this should be in a synth forum?
the line 6 echo park is great !
If you don't mind 19" rackmount I think the biggest bang for your buck would be a now out of production Yamaha SPX-90 or Roland RSP-550! You can get them used for under $120 on Ebay etc.

I have a RSP-550 in my main portable MIDI rack and I often use it for reverbs for my modular. Tons of fun relatively cheap! I'm sure there are several other brands and models that would be a good choice too but I only have experience with the two mentioned.
Big ups for rackmount delays. I love my Roland SDE-330 delay.

Many rackmount delays have a footswitch or expression pedal input that can take CV. Set the delay for tap tempo, and feed it a CV clock through the footswitch, and then feed it an envelope or LFO into the expression pedal input for some kind of weirdo delay modulation.
haiku-ish wrote:
the line 6 echo park is great !

I agree. I find it very versatile and the sound is rich and warm. I use it quite frequently thumbs up
Though, there are downsides to the Line6 pedals:
1) no true bypass
2) they don't work too well when sharing psu with other pedals if you use 2 or more Line6's in the same chain. It's not a matter of power drain (only needs about 70mA each), it's something within the circuits...
If you don't mind a 19" rackmount you probably want the Line6 Echo Pro. It's stereo and fun (although some of the programs are mono).

I also have a BEL BD80S which sound great on synths (12-bit goodness) but they're a bit old and hard to find.
eventide timefactor
i got 2 line6 echo pro's and i use em almost always....

stereo in/out, fully midicontrollable and very retro muddy sounding...great for adding undefiniable layers of ambience in your tracks (without reverting to a verb or so)
Boss VF-1 FTW!
Am I the only one who senses a hint of blasphemy for asking about a synth delay in the Guitar section?
Hey yeah, this is the Guitars forum - wtf am I doing here?

Oh that's right - I like Led Zep and I play guitar (sort of) twisted
i like em DD-20
scozbor wrote:
eventide timefactor


There is no better pedal.
The MIDI control is awesome too.
Kwote wrote:
Am I the only one who senses a hint of blasphemy for asking about a synth delay in the Guitar section?

Nope. This is also the FX section, so it is properly placed.
scozbor wrote:
eventide timefactor


everything eventide is great.
I ended up getting the eventide. Actually, it just came in today! It's peanut butter jelly time!
How did you like it? I love mine, the midi options are freakin great. But I must be stupid. I always feel like it's pretty user un-friendly. I get confused even when changing presets. ^^;;;
I think it is dope. This is the delay I have been wanting! It sounds great, it has a ton of knobs, and its affordable.

I have been talking with a couple of people about it. They turned me on to using the looper as a cheap granular processor. Thats pretty fun. I have also been using the multitap delay to create some interesting drones.

As for the interface/preset switching, I wish the knobs were encoders with led indicators, but you cant have it all.

Oh if you haven't already, update to the latest version software. Feedback has been increased to 110%, and number of presets has been increased to 20.
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