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1200 borg
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Author 1200 borg
does anyone know if the 1200 series borg filter is technically a borg 1 or borg 2? the main difference between these is the vactrol response time is faster on the 2, right? any other differences?
Guinness ftw!
Frac is the first incarnation of the Borg 2.

It uses a cheaper op amp (i think) than the Wiard Borg. It also has some self limiting circuit from the MS20 filter in the feedback path, which causes the resonance to be slightly self limiting.

Look in the 1200 series sticky for word from Grant himself.

From a musical point of view, the resonance on the B2, will go all the way down to subsonic frequencies, and keep it's level more accurately accross the frequency range than the B1. E.g. the B1 will be slightly self resonant at lower frequencies, and then suddenly scream at you when you turn the frequency past a certain point.

Both have their uses. Both are pretty or disgusting at different points.
I tend to like the 1200 Borg for bubbling percussion, just it and the noise ring. The 300 is a much more vercitile module because of its feature set but I kind of like the 1 more from a sonic standpoint.
I think the W300 Borg has better power filtering which also makes it a bit more 'hifi', although there are some interactions between the oscillators and the filters (I haven't noticed them though).

The W300 bandpass mode is labelled in the manual as 6db/octave, and the Borg 2 does no filtering in bandpass.

The W300 Borg I find better for resonant percussive patches, the slower vactrols somehow accentuate things more, whereas the Borg 2 decays much cleaner and faster. has some perfect examples. The resonance is somehow sweeter on the B1 as well in more harmonic situations (pay attention to levels going in which changes the resonance behaviour quite a lot.. you can get more resonance and less distortion when input level is lower).

Anyways they're both great and the differences are not life or death. Use whichever you can get your filthy mitts on smile
helpful info, thanks
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