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Can anyone give more info and the new STG modules?
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Author Can anyone give more info and the new STG modules?
Buzz Lightyear
Forgive me if this steps on the toes of a previous post, but over at Modular Grid it looks as if STG are bringing out, count them, five new modules: a Logic Module, Envelope Interface, Envelope Generator, Modulation Generator, and a Switch. No info beyond the photos. Posted 1/21. Lookie here: ModularGrid STG's newest
Buzz Lightyear
Ya know, I thought I'd better double check and see if this stuff isn't already out... looks like he used to make an Envelope Generator. There's a photo WAY back in the show-us-your-set-up thread of a different looking one. Meant to say "on" and not "and" in the title too.
Christopher Winkels
This is relevant to my interests.

Suit, tell us more!
Bryan B
I signed up to pre-order the switch module. Info on that module is in this thread:

Great module! It is a sequential switch that has 4 inputs.

One section uses CV to select which input goes to the output (0v turns off the output as well). This is great for funky modulated switching or even controlled sequencing of the switching with programmed voltages.

Another section provides multiple outputs that act differently from one another when shifted by a clock pulse. One output switches between inputs 1 and 2 only. The next output switches between inputs 1, 2 and 3 only. The last switched output selects between inputs 1, 2, 3 and 4. As you can imagine these outputs will yield different results despite using the same set of inputs and the same clock shift.

There is a V-Trigger input (to shift the switches through their sequence) and a reset to stage 1 input. These inputs do not affect the CV controlled switch section mentioned earlier.

the time divider looks seeeeexxxxx ... so do u need a Time Buffer to drive it?
As to the time divider, I can say that it indeed does require a time buffer. I also believe Suit described it in another post.

As far as the envelope and mod generators... I'll leave that to the suit and tied guy to tell the tale. I'm just the engineer, folks.
yeah this is the plan.

that "envelope interface" panel is a place-holder. i'm not done with that layout, i had just forgot how unfinished it looked.

the other EG modules' layouts are pretty done i think, even if those aren't exactly the current layouts.

as Det3 said, now that Archangel is done and about to ship the design backlogue should start to relieve itself this year.

as far as the function of this stuff goes, you'll have to guess based on those graphics.
OK, So...

The Modulation Generator has voltage control of envelope shape and time, individual triggers on end-of attack and release, and four modes: AR, ASR, LFO A and B. So it can auto-cycle. Somewhat similar to an Oakley VRG.

The Envelope Generator has hold, trigger, and LFO modes, and four ADSR stages, and it appears there is a button-selected scale factor for envelope time (.1, 1, 10).

Very nice. Some cool features while staying in a Moog aesthetic. I can see a lot folks upgrading ye olde Q109...
those aren't end-of-stage triggers, they are stage gates. i think this is more useful.
suitandtieguy wrote:
those aren't end-of-stage triggers, they are stage gates. i think this is more useful.

so would the gate output last the duration of the envelope stage then? or just a fixed length gate per stage?

im interested in how you would implement this in a patch, im very used to end of stage triggers and certainly not averse to another way of doing things when it comes to function generators.

one use case that does come to mind for end of stage gates is to mix them together in a DC capable mixer and output to the 1/v input of an oscillator - four step sequencer with freely controllable stage lengths, each stage gate could be attenuated to provide a fixed pitch. sort of a "burst sequencer", with the sequence being triggered by the firing of the envelope and running at its own pace until the triggered function ends. that would be pretty cool actually.

suit, what patch scenarios do you have in mind for the gates?
just noticed that the EG has two gates not 4, so scratch that last phancy patch...
your patch idea is good and useful, and not what i imagined doing with it!

with the MG i was thinking more along the lines of using it as a square/pulse LFO.

the "envelope interface" is control inputs and stage outputs for the more complex EG, so your patch would work there. handy that my Mixer has 5 inputs!

as far as what i imagined doing with it, i really just thought it sounded cool and that people more creative than me would figure out a use for them. i don't usually spec features like that but i'm trying to make something special here.
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