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45 minutes of live improv on eurorack: dancey stuff / IDM
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Author 45 minutes of live improv on eurorack: dancey stuff / IDM
Here is my live set from last night. All sounds come from eurorack. I played the middle of a bill, between glitch hop/dubstep and trap/ moombah djs, so i played dancey stuff, and tried to keep changing the sounds and hold a steady beat. It was one of those nights where i felt like i bombed onstage, but when i listened back, it wasnt bad at all!

So please give a listen, criticism encouraged!

[s] <iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=" com%2Ftracks%2F76754641"></iframe>
denim dan
0:00 - 10:35 reminds me of a plain vanilla devo.

from 20:00 to 20:01 was a killer groove.

the "pads" sound around 42:00 are great.

the same groove element from 20:00 to 20:01 is present again starting at 43:50, and i like it again there.

it was a very interesting listen while i was folding and putting away laundry. i think that i'd very much have trouble "dancing" to it though, in any way.

are you using the eurorack for the drums as well? sounds quite similar to a korg electribe series box.

personally, i felt that throughout the whole track there were little sections of groove that really resonated with me, and then they were gone in a flash.

i also think that the frequency range and timbre that the "leads" are operating in really would do well with LOUD PUNISHING DRUMS. perhaps even heavily distorted.

anyway just my .02. playing in that situation would've scared the hell out of me, kudos for doing it!
I guess meant beat driven, this is as close to "dancey" as I get.

The drums at tiptop 808 modules sequenced by SCM and A-160

I think you are right about the grooves being gone as soon as they come in, I should work on variety within the groove so I don't get bored with them so quickly. Must be a side effect of being in the moment.

Thanks for listening!
first of all well done for having the balls to get up on stage with just a eurorack, i've done/ do it and it is pretty scary in a dance situation.

its all really interesting, but if you want constructive criticism i agree with denim dan that its not really dancey and for me thats because there's no swing in it. everything is metronomic and sounds like it's sequenced in straight 16ths.
i would consider ways to inject shuffle ( i dont know how the SCM works but i'm assuming the 'shuffling' is nothing to do with creating 8th or 16th shuffles)

i get swing/shuffle by using a A162 trigger delay. run your clock source at half tempo and send it to one channel of a mixing module and also via the trigger delay to another channel, then by delaying the signal and mixing it back with the original you have a shuffled clock source at full tempo, the amount of shuffle being determined by the amount of delay.
then run your sequencer from this clock source.

its an easy way to instantly change the swing of the groove so its not so robotic, and can change all the way through your set so the audience arent dancing to the same groove all night.

but again well done 8_)
Paranormal Patroler
Well, I haven't listened to the entirety of the track yet, but it's pretty kraut up till now. I think I need to get some 808 modules.
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