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A&H ZED/USB mixers any good ?
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Author A&H ZED/USB mixers any good ?
I don’t usually ask questions as to others opinions as I think most gear is subjective to my usage but this time I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the Allen & Heath ZED USB mixer’s

I am between studios as it where but need a small mixer and the USB interface would be fantastic as I am only using the laptop at the moment

So how the USB is it solid or flaky? hmmm.....

Are there any better mixers with USB I should be looking at?

Should I just forget the USB mixer and get a dedicated USB sound input?

Money is not free flowing at the moment so I need to keep it as cheep as possible

Thanks for any help
I got a ZED22fx about 4 months ago and love it. It feels absolutely great — faders, knobs. The usb is simple operation and DRIVER FREE so you can plug in right in and go.

As for sending audio into and out of the computer: you can route main mix or each aux out separately in/out usb — basically bussing. If you need to multitrack then its not the right machine for you.

I got mine at guitar center here in the states who does a price match and got about $150 off the retail price.

I also have the alt/control room out going to my speakers and have the dedicated main outs (xlr) going into my motu 828mk2 if i ever feel like the a/d conversion from the zed isnt up to snuff - but i haven't yet.

Overall i am completely happy. The big brother firewire version would be the best - but its very expensive and the 22fx fully suits my needs with flexible ins/outs.

And the FX totally do a decent job!
i should also add that they make the zed as small as 12-14 tracks with at least 3 as dedicated stereo channels on each board which is a great channel saver for things you always want stereo.
Cheers for the reply and infomation

I have been doing some reading and checking out others mixers but I think I may just go for a ZED-14 as I don't need many inputs at this point

There is a local shop that has the best price I have seen so far so im going to try one out next week hopefully and if I like the feel of it It will be coming home with me Mr. Green
the 14 would have been my choice - but i needed the ins!

glad to help..
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