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Boss RE-20
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Author Boss RE-20
As a card-carrying analog delay whore, I am shocked at how good this thing sounds. They seem to have gotten the input overload circuit right, for one thing, you can slam it with a gainy fuzz and it won't alias. The "hold the footpedal down for spaceship oscillation noises" is a cute feature that becomes a SERIOUS weapon when you add an E-bow and a looper. The reverb is a nasty dark munger but used sparingly it really adds character.

So far, the RE-20 is beating out the Pigtronix Echolution in the battle of recently-acquired delays. and, neither makes me want to sell my Memory Lane or Moogerfooger. But the RE-20, you old school dubby tape sounding modeling pedal with tap tempo, you rock dude. SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
this delay rules.

i find it really easy to overload (but i'm working with line level, feeding it back into itself with aux sends, not guitar level) but agree it sounds super sweet. the 'twist' function is cheesy and never found a decent use for it though.
I just got this pedal today. So far, running a Korg R3 through it sounds great.

timmah wrote:
the 'twist' function is cheesy and never found a decent use for it though.

I somehow got a sound while using the twist function multiple times that sounds like a tappe rewinding very quickly. It's a cool effect.
i run two of these through my guitar and they are so versatile. i get some amazing sounds out of there. for a digital delay it's the best choice, in my opinion.
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