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Building a case questions
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Author Building a case questions
Hi all,

I'd like to start construction of a wooden case so I can start expanding my eurorack modular. I think I can handle the carpentry side of things but am unsure about the electrical parts.

I see the Doepfer Kit 1, but that supplied PSU seems weedy compared to the DOEPFER A-100PSU2 which I have in my portable Doepfer case. Should I buy the bits seperately from instead of a kit? they seem to sell the PSU and bus boards all seperate.

But, what about the power connection for the rear of the case to the PSU and the internal bus board connections? has anyone used these parts for a similar job? The only electrical experiances I've had mostly involved electroction :shock:

Oh and the rails, are there better ones to use that work nicely with other makers?
i've just finished a case using the doepfer diy 1 kit you mention. there's some pictures of it (albeit unpainted) in this thread as well as some other information you may want to digest:
afaik the power supply with the diy kit 1 is the same as the psu in the prebuilt cases - it simply has an external transformer so you don't have to play around wiring up mains voltages to fuses/power switches etc...
there is a diagram hidden on the doepfer site which shows how to wire up the psu to the mains - it has big writing saying "don't do this if not qualified"
as far as connecting the bus boards to the power supply (whether the diy one or other) it's simply a case of plugging in cables that are usually supplied with the bus boards. i didn't end up using the rails that came with the doepfer kit - i bought some from schroff - they can have either fixed or sliding nuts which can help with spacing issues if you're mixing lots of manufacturers. lots of people use vector rails with sliding nuts which work well too.
Yeah I saw that post, very nice case.

OK, here is another idea about the PSU's. what about this combination.



2 x

This way I can buy better rails, as I understand from doepfers website the rails supplied in kit 1 have innacurate mounting holes, is this still the case?

The backpanel with the kettle/fuse socket seems like it might make the whole electrical side easier to wire up for me, then I can just attach the back panel to my custom wood case.

What do you think ?
they will work fine. i'm not sure how much wiring the back panel to the power supply requires but it should be pretty straightforward.
i bought my kit a while ago so not sure if they've rectified the rail issue yet.
you can just buy the diy kit power supply and transformer (€60 i think) on their own and then add bus board(s) and other rails to suit.

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