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Zorlon Master Clock, Model28 Slave
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Author Zorlon Master Clock, Model28 Slave

Phase input on M28 is used to sync a divided Zorlon clock output. A whole bunch of envelopes, all triggered by the Zorlon and M28 (with beta software upgrade). The M28 syncs much better now with no clock freakouts. Software upgrades will be coming soon, but don't ask me, I have no idea when or how, but it seems like it will not require you to send the whole module in (as long as you know how to pop a chip out and use a jumper on two pins). Again, that's for Peter and Phil to decide. Software is still in testing phase, but I thought I would share an all modular patch to show how well things stay in sync with a mostly self running patch with variable tempo controlled by an LFO speeding up and slowing down a clock, the Zorlon in this case.

BTW, this one is all about timing, rhythm and sync. I spent like 10 minutes setting up voices, so it sounds uninspired and typical.

edit: I had the wrong link. Fixed now, so my comment actually make sense.
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