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NEW Korg Wavedrum?
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Author NEW Korg Wavedrum?
has anyone else seen this piece of news popping up? apparently korg is releasing a new wavedrum, the wd-x or somesuch.

does anyone know anything about this? the old one was based on the OASYS line, i guess... what about this one? due to bandwidth restrictions here, i can't check out the youtube videos showing it off at some trade show...

hopefully it has a lot of editability. and hopefully it doesn't require an editor... with USB so easy and ubiquitous, i'd assume they make some sort of editing software available for ye olde thinkingbox.


The Chewbacca Defense
Just when I thought I had my gear lust in check.

I've been watching them on the bay and used ones have been out of my budget. Now a glimmer of hope. It's peanut butter jelly time!

Jump to 1:15 & let 'er rip!



And it's 24 bit 48kHz
I call my music store in the morning.

That seems pretty awesome! Drums!
The Return of the WaveDrum hyper Drums! hyper
Googlish press release with specs here

I/O details look incomplete here. No mention of any midi or USB interfacing but it suggests you can link several WDs together. Also looks like it would be a 'mare to programme without the help of some kind of software editor (3 character LED. Woo hoo!! w00t ).

Still looks fantastic though.
if the price is like they wrote i for sure will buy one.

I did played with one (old),and its a nice thing,but with a very typical sound,u can not use it over and over,its get boring then ,a reason why the retail price of the old one was a bit to high imo,and to pay those second hand prices that raises so high after ,there is no doubt it have to be professionals or stupid ppl that payed for that.

I would like to see the faces now of all those that did buy the old one for 3000$ last years lol

NEW KORG WAVEDRUM did you say???

applause applause screaming goo yo nanners

I been wanting one of those for years! Wicked news.
Chuck E. Jesus
i also saw something about a Micro Sampler....
No rush to the dealer. There is usually a half year delay between release in Japan and the US introduction. But yeah, I'd definitely like one of them.

It will be around US$550 based on the Japanese price.

The iphone thing just seems like a holder for one. I don't think it really interfaces. The price also sounds like around $550
Definitely want. Anybody want to buy a first edition Mandala?

Mr. Green
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