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222e + 201e-3U + 201e-4 + 225e. Possible? Where is MIDI I/O?
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Author 222e + 201e-3U + 201e-4 + 225e. Possible? Where is MIDI I/O?
Hey gang,

Count Noobula here. Is it possible to use the 222e as a performance controller when joined up with the 225e MIDI decoder and the appropriate cabinets? If so, where does one find the MIDI I/O for connecting it to other gear? Also, I'm assuming that the CV outs are 1.2V/Oct, right?

The 222e has always seemed like a wonder performance device and it isn't made out of unobtanium like the Thunderâ„¢.
sounds fine to me. the mounting plate for the 225e's MIDI jacks should be installed on the back of the 201e-4, i assume there are two possible mounting spaces like on the larger boat (i have a 201e-18). btw, the MIDI jack mounting plate is movable, just like the one for the 227e; it connects to the 225e PCB via ribbon cable. 1.2v/octave a.k.a. .1v/semitone, yes. i'm not sure you'd have a place to charge up the IR rings on the 201e-4 boat.

from my flickr:
The 225e is an incredible interface, but will only transmit 1.2v per octave. The 225e has a MIDI IN but no MIDI OUT. The 222e also transmits control voltages at 1.2v per octave, but you can not use the 222e and 225e together to make a MIDI performance rig like the Thunder...
Dead Banana
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