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Pros:Cons Synth w/Memory. Voyager? LPII? DSI? Which one now?
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Author Pros:Cons Synth w/Memory. Voyager? LPII? DSI? Which one now?
Hello Wigglers,

Intended goals

• Something that is quick to use in creating & recalling a sound when sketching out a track but still sounds very good so that sound can be refined later or replaced entirely with something nicer from the synth.
• Something that I can easily drag out of the house to go play with friends and perhaps rock out at some gigs. My Kawai K5000S is rather big and is 120V and I live in a 220V country.

All of this in the context of more traditional 12 tone "Rock/Pop" stuff. Obviously, the modular covers other ground quite nicely.

Desired Features:

• Patch storage/recall --
• MIDI I/O --
• Built for performance & ease of use interface (i.e. knobs. Remember that I'm coming from a guitar & modular world view.)
• Compact size/ ease of transport --
• Can synchronize to MIDI Beat Clock

Added 'Plusses' or Bonus Features

• CV/Gate I/O
• MIDI over USB as on Little Phatty II. It would be good when using at home with the laptop.
• Built-in FX not really needed. A Mini-'Plus'.

Options that I've kicked around

The Moog Voyager is sitting rather high up on my list. The newer Little Phatty II seems like it would be quite a bargain. However, the Voyager has the VX-351 option and that allows one to use the touchpad, and other CV outputs, with modular gear! The Moog Voyager RME also seems like a plan, but as mentioned above, the Kawai is large & 120V. Plus I'd now be bringing 2 synths, & step-down transformer, everywhere.

The Dave Smith Poly (or Mono) Evolver Keyboard is intriguing. I like the knobby interface more so than the matrix programming.
I've thought about adding something like the Tetra or Evolver to my K5000S and then I'd have some nice analog along with the digital, but then portability gets to be an issue. Also, as mentioned before, I don't really wish to have a matrix like interface.

While writing this, I just had a thought that maybe a Virus or Nord would fit the bill. However, they don't really appeal to me but that's mostly because I don't really know much about them or this class of synth on a detailed level. I've never really looked into them and they could be as cool as all get out. For polyphony, I'm fairly happy with my available options: Kawai K5000S, WaveStation A/D, RedSound Darkstar XP.


I know that this in fact, 'thinking out loud' and isn't very focused. And that is why I'm turning to you, the Wiggler crew. Maybe y'all can help me get a bit more focused and chime in with your input and personal findings.
I've played most of what you asked about.

the voyager was meant to be played! sounds beautiful and plays well with modulars.

the virus is good for more than trance. it covers a lot of gound.
I've owned a Voyager, Virus, Nord, MEK and Poly Evolver Rack. The only one I still have is the Voyager. It sounds great, integrates well with the modular and is built like a tank. My second choice would be the Virus.
+1 on the Virus
awsome modulationmatrix wich includes the FX section.
Oscillatormodels sounds really really phat! even filtermodels sounds nice.
Bestsounding hardware VA synth ever built imo, if you're into programming sounds.
since you use the K5000S you surely have a high threshold for producing sounds without patchcables hihi
Voyager + VX-351 = awesome CV Controller + awesome MIDI controller (polyphonic and aftertouch) thumbs up
Cybananna wrote:
I've played most of what you asked about.

the voyager was meant to be played! sounds beautiful and plays well with modulars.

the virus is good for more than trance. it covers a lot of gound.

I've got both the virus TI and moog, both are great synths
Roycie Roller
The voyager is incredible, i had one & a vx-351 for a had white LED backlights which looked great. The filter is amazing & the synth itself can cover a lot of ground from one oscillator tones to space FX. Sounds amazing through a MF104-z. I really liked the touch surface, too, it was very expressive. It has something like 800 patch storages so you can build up a huge amount of recallable sounds.
The Evolver i still have- it's a wonderful synth..dirty, digital, lo-fi. I love it.
But i miss the voyager a lot.
If you're into build quality, the voyager is rock solid, whereas the evolver is pretty plasticky.
But, that also means the voyager weighs a tonne (20kg), while the evolver is 7kg.
A slight shift of gears here although the Voyager looks to be ahead of the pack by all counts. Also, I'm going to go play one Wednesday.

Anyone have any thoughts about the Alesis A6 Andromeda? It looks vastly more complicated and complex and doesn't quite have the CV I/O of the Voyager... thoughts?
never played one, but it's certainly worth looking into. I saw a band with one once and it sounded nice.

consider everything, your budget for this allows a lot of great options! hyper
Another +1 for the Virus here I'm afraid. Be sure to audition one before you put your cash down on anything else. The sound is pant wettingly good and got even better with the current OS update. It's a doddle to programme from the front panel but the TI integration takes it to another level altogether if you want to use it from inside the DAW of your choice.

As has been said, its so much more than a trance box. Check out the wavetable mod options on the oscillators for example. And the FX section is really intelligently done. So musical.

If you want convenience, portability and awesomeness I don't think there's another VA that can touch it.

And its got wood cheeks. 8_)
The Voyager isn't exactly light! I wouldn't want to drag it to too many gigs. The 351, however, is worth the price of admission. And it's a Moog Voyager FTW!

Don't forget that Moog now offers the CV out upgrade for the LP (all versions).

This might be your best bet!
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