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Genoqs OS update :)
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Author Genoqs OS update :)
Just updated me Nemo to the latest OS...

They just implemented a feature I have been wanting since I got it - instant page switching. Basically means you can switch patterns legato-style (like you can in Ableton), without waiting for the end of the pattern. I.e. create new patterns live by switching around. This opens up so many performance possilbities!! I am one happy guy.

Check this vid to see it at work

I hope to be posting some video soon, when I'm back from my travels in about a month.
instant page switching.

Instant but quantized, right?

EDIT: Great video quality btw. Is it shot with a dslr and a f/1.4 lens?
Its not my video! Its the video that inspired me to update the OS. And boy am I glad I did.

And yes instant but quantized. The video this guy did does not show it in full effect - you can have it switching between totally different patterns on different midi channels, with different time signatures/speeds... etc
COOL! I just sold my Octopus and bought a Nemo (will work much better in the space I have). The Nemo should arrive soon. I'm psyched.
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