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and then it stops
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Author and then it stops
Syn2b x2 and noisecrusher fun

wtf..... WOW!!! any notes on the patch? smile
Thanks for listening w00t

Convoluted patch for sure but I'll try based on inputs to the Outputs module....

Channel 1

Two SYN2b cross fm'd, one sequenced by SEQ1 the other static.
One output from each to DD1 modulator output to LPG pinged by SEQ1 gate A.

Channel 2

SV Filtered white noise from Noise Crusher through a vca opened by SEQ1X gate.

Channel 3

Balanced mod output from 1 -VCA opened by SEQ1 step 1 through a PT Delay.

Channel 4

Sequenced SYN2b from 1 through a wavefolder

Sequencer clocked with the LFO, resets from two channels of a weevil,
direction from weevil through logic and switches range from Noise Crusher
s/h. Noise crusher saw out modulates wavefolder, filtered noise frequency,
Weevil starvation and pt delay time.

Started with the LFO in low range then flipped it to high and let it run,
minimal tweaking. More fun with this patch later on tap for later.
Hi fredguy
Can I port this in the Noisecrusher Patch Ideas thread so that we have a compiled thread for reference.
Guinness ftw!
Fred this is rad, keep this up! hotdamn, it's tricky like something florian hecker would speckle the air w/, but it grooves, got me twitching & feeling.
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