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Linear FM on Omni Filter (Updated)
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Author Linear FM on Omni Filter (Updated)
I thought people might be interested in hearing this - sorry about all the delay but it's still reasonably clear.

I controlled resonance on each note by using a second sequantiser (quantize output) into Q control. Send sine from oscillator to “linear” and fiddle with the linear knob - turning it up turns up the FM when the filter goes into oscillation creating a distinctive different sound. Added 1 volt/octave and also slow LFO into FC1. It's 12db low pass. 24db, bandpass etc give different but still interesting results.


This second example is the Omni at 12db - mode is selected via a sequantiser which is also controlling the Q control. In parts the Linear control is turned up so that the sine from the oscillator FMs the filter - most pronnounced when the filter goes into oscillation itself.
Additionally there is an un sequenced triangle un filtered going into the mixolator. The whole lot then goes through a Roland SD2500 digital delay. A little reverb and compression were also applied.

Really great sounds. Lucky to have that Omni filter
thanks, I think I got one of the last two made. I'd wanted one for years but didn't think I'd get the opportunity.
nice audio... cool melody too.
more please... how bouts a viddy???
great sounds!

one thing that might be fun is to use a mixolator to pan a sine wave between linear FM on carrier/primary oscillator and linear FM on the Omni.

I was lucky enough to pick up an Omni filter and it's simply wonderful. Morphing modes is just too much. It's a deceptive module, instant gratification not visible, but after some exploration it is outrageously organic.
Very nice, thanks for sharing. I really dig how "vocal" the filter sounds.
thanks all.

@ dog I don't think I have anything to make a video with, no camera phones even.

@ riot - I agree, this is a deeper filter than the other Wiard ones - there are so many variables and distinct things it can do

@ laser - it's going through all the different modes, lp, bp, hp and all pass in the second example.
current patch that is talk of the town at Diffuse Explorations Limited:

Classic VCO Sin via VCA to linear FM of Waveform City. Digital out to Omni filter with high resonance.

Noisering to Mixolator in Ring mod Mode. Pulse from Classic VCO to Z of Mixolator. Noise output from CVO to Noisering chance input.

Mixolator output via Boogie filter as bandpass to linear FM of Omni.

Various modulations applied across the board. No audio, sorry.
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