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TR909 questions vol. 3: sync
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Author TR909 questions vol. 3: sync
I'm on the fringe of ordering a Future Retro Orb to sequence my Eurorack modular. I'm using my TR909 as my main sequencer which is synced to a tape machine. I'd like to sync the Orb to my 909 via midi clock. My question is thus: Does the 909 transmit midi time clock while its in sync mode? I don't have the gear to test this out at present. Additionaly I'd like to add a sampler between the two for the external sequencing tracks on the 909 to complicate the matters further.

I'm hoping to setup up something like the following

tape machine (sync out) -> TR-909 (midi out) -> S3000xl (midi through) -> FR ORB (CV Gate) -> modular

Will this possibly work? seriously, i just don't get it
Karl Jeffers
Just try it. And if it doesn't, you can buy a TR-505 to do it. They are very cheap, $50,- should get you one.

I will try and see if my 909 outputs midiclock if synced to dinsync, but you have to wait a few days for the answer.
dug up my old manual and checked page 35. Drums!
the answer is yes, it will send out midiclk while slaved to tape
The orb + modular combination is great... I've gone thru a 303, x0x, and a few lesser 303 clones, and the orb's the only one that's survived.

For what it's worth, I keep the Orb on a spare MIDI out of my MPC and usually have the Orb's CV/G patched into the bus on my modular, to be able to do filter/ringmod sequences in addition to the regular 303-ish stuff.
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