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Lemur (Ipad) Silent Way Templates (Download)
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Author Lemur (Ipad) Silent Way Templates (Download)
Expert Sleepers Silent Way Plugins 1- Lemur (Ipad) Template

Hola! This a template done on Liine´s Lemur for Ipad.


It gives you control over some of Expert Sleeper´s Silent Way Plugins.

With this template you can control 1 Lfo Plugin, 1 Step Lfo Plugin, 2 Quantizer Plugins and 3 Clock plugins.

The Ableton project comes with 4 tracks. This Should be routed to the Hardware outputs, but can be moved an used in other tracks if desired.

The .zip file comes with the Ableton (live 9 beta Project) and the .jzml file.

Very low quality video / Speaker meh

Track 1-Lfo

Feedback from all controlls.
Expandable menus.
Reset Button for plugin (Initialize)

Track 2 - Step Lfo

Feedback from all controls.
Expandable menus.
Reset Button for plugin (Initialize)
Reset Button for Sequence (Initialize)
Save & Sequence patterns


Quantizers 1 Left and 1 Right are placed after lfo 1, affecting Lfo 1 left & Lfo 1 Right channels.
Quantizers 2 Left and 2 Right are placed after lfo 2, affecting Lfo 2 left & Lfo 2 Right channels.


There are two clock tracks on the Ableton project.
First Clock sends Clock on output 1 and Reset on output 2. (Clock 1 Ipad)
Second and third Clock output clock divisions. (Clock 2&3 Ipad)
Ipad template gisves you control over clock divisions and offset, which is handy for syncing hardware.

You can donwload from Liine´s User Library

Expert SLeepers Silent Way Plugins 1 Ipad Template


Alternative Link

This is just a personal project; As I said before i am not a programmer or designer so be easy on me 8_)

Have fun Guinness ftw!
Nice! I've not forgotten I was asked for some new OSC messages to make Lemur support for the Step LFO easier.
My template for the Step lfo works pretty well, still need to get accurate position feedback of the Sequencer.

Will post a video soon!
Totally interested. Lemur w SW dc is powerful as is. I'd love a suite.

Many thanks,

Ill try to have it early next week.

Some templates need more work, like outputting values...but the main assignments and functions are working smile

Some pics:
Junk Rhythm
Thank you djthopa for starting this thread! I've had the intentions to getting around to creating templates for Lemur but the time hasn't been there.

These look great!
Looks like I'm buying the lemur app. Thanks so much for making these. Time to read up on how all this works.
The Lemur app is mindblowing! And the fact that you dont need a lemur (sight) any more opens a lot of possibilities with an Ipad.

Will work on these during the weekend smile

I was actual project is done in Ableton Live 9 beta, I could use the old Ableton 8 template, shouldnt be a problem. Do any of you use the 9 beta?
Ableton just announced Version 9 :
Junk Rhythm
I'm fine with checking out the Ableton 9 version when they both become available. No need to switch back to 8 as far as I'm concerned.
I'm also interested. That looks very promising. Nice work.
Also do you know if it is possible for lemur to send out 2 controls from the same slider. Say a trigger(midi note number) and location (cc)?
@ Junk Rhythm great! I wont have to be changing back and forth Between 9 and

@rattlework I believe you can even send three. X, Y, Z values.
Some new improvements have been made in the template like Scaled values, pattern sequencer with copy and paste, and two quantizers which are handy with the lfo's.

The Template needs cleaning up, and it will come with 1 temlplate for Sw lfo (left/right channels) Sw step lfo (left/right channels) and two Quantizers.

Please be easy on me as im neither a programmer or a designer. I made this templates to stay away as much as I can from the computer.

Will upload tomorrow Guinness ftw!

Some pics and descriptions:

Lfo (left / right channels)


-All menus and controls of the lfo are Asigned.
-reset buttons resets the plugin to default state (initialize)
-All controls output values and are scaled to the plugin (same value)

Step Lfo (left / right channels)

-16 step sequencer
-Copy, paste and sequence patterns. Ccstep sequencer original work by
- All menus and controls of the Sw Step lfo are Asigned (left&right channels)
-reset buttons for the sequencer and / or the plugin.
- All controls output values and are scaled to the plugin (same value)

Quantizers x 2

Look great! I'm interested as well.
Damn djthopa!

That is some EXCELLENT work!
Ive been eying Lemur for the iPad for ages but been put off by the price (not that its not worth it - I was just hoping to catch a sale or something)...

Looks like I cant avoid it much longer!

Really cool and inspirational stuff there sir!!! Wicked!!!

thumbs up
Guinness ftw!
I'm sorry wigglers this one goes in spanish, because i want it.... 8_)

Gracias djthopa, lo probaré, pero tiene muy buena pinta.

Si te interesa yo hice hace algún tiempo dos interfaces para usar el iPad, controando una series de patches de Max/MSP con KP performer i Lemur que me han dado muy ben resultado sólo PMme
Thanks so much for this. Great job. I just started testing it out.
The Step Lfo is great. I was able to add a horizontal slider with grid spacing for the length (16 steps). It is easier to select the correct length this way than the knob for me.
One problem I'm having is the reset button sets the plugin offset value to 0.008 but lemur doesn't reflect this sometimes.

Yes you can change any knob for a fader; just keep the control channel and number. I thought about faders too for some controls, but the template would have ended being bigger :(

The problem with the 0'008 its due to a logarithmic equation. That is as close as I have managed to get. But a error of 0.008 its not too bad smile ill have a look and see if i can round it more.

I think i might do a template for the Adsr, would be cool to have a step lfo triggering envelopes or gates.

Glad you are enjoying it!
Genial! Te mando un pm Guinness ftw!
Going to try these out today! Thanks djthopa
Amazing. I dont have lemur but use touchOSC for controlling ableton and konkreet performer to the modular on ipad. Questions:
1- is the osc setup between lemur and silent way easy?
2- can you use two OSC based apps at the same time, lets say changinb between touchOSC and Lemur on the fly? Or do I have to get another Ipad?

All props
Sorry for the late reply, Im only checking here once in a while, Baby its taking all the time smile
I have not tried Osc with silent way plugins. This template is midi controlled.i have been using different Osc apps at the same time no problem. Just set different osc ports
holy hell, how did i miss this thread.

good job, cant wait to get home from work so i can try it MY ASS IS BLEEDING
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