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Guyatone's FR-3000V reverb
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Author Guyatone's FR-3000V reverb
I don't know what category this post should go in (guitars,amps,&basses or general gear) to get the most feedback, either way I was wondering if anyone on this forum had any experience with guyatone's FR-3000V, I can't find any audio demos. I am interested in purchasing one mainly for my synth as well as studio work to add depth to a number of sources, I don't care for plugins to much.(I would add a link to the product but I'm not sure how to do it from my phone)[/url]
Muff Wiggler
never used one - no experience with any Guyatone pedals actually - and haven't heard anything either good or bad about 'em

onrust nv
Guyatone has great pedals. I own a 1970's PS-109 delay and 80's PS-007 phaser great sound little to none hiss. The next one Im buying is the slow volume (boss SG-1 clone). And the ADX analog tube delay(deleted) i realy want.
they also had some cool looking guitars in the 60/70's

this reverb isn't a pedal, looks more like a amp head.
onrust nv
Yeah I know, they also have a analogdelay unit in the same casing. That looks like an amp head.
I've had one of these for the past few years and love it. It is my most used effect, it doesn't do anything very wild but it sounds great for what it is - a tube reverb unit, nice, warm, great when overdriven a bit. I was surprised at how much I liked it on bass guitar and now always run basses through it.
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