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Electrix Repeater Vs. Gibson echoplex
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Author Electrix Repeater Vs. Gibson echoplex
my live setup currently uses 2 electrix repeaters midi'd together giving me a total of 8 mono independent growing loops which get their signal from the 8 subs on my onstage mixer. I am very interested in obtaining 2 more repeaters so i can have 8 loops in stereo, however it has been a challenge on ebay lately.
I noticed Musicians Friend is blowing out the Gibson Echoplex packaged with the foot controller and it looks interesting but i have no experience with this piece.
If anyone here has any advice or knowledge on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.
Hmmm..... It may be inspiring to use something different and to snag them before they run out.

I have neither one of them but am interested in hearing the results.
Damn :shock: thats a lot of delay walls, cool 8)
Thanks for the feedback, yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking, my only concern is that I need hands on control with no menus. Were a two person group that play merry go round on instruments, so aurally its more similar to an average five person group than a wall of sound kinda concept
How about the Electro-Harmonix 2880? I don't know if it fulfills all of your needs, but I love mine and the footswitch makes for 'hands-free' operation.
If they are a really good deal, I'd suggest picking a couple up anyway. In my experience, in about a years time after something is no longer available in stores, the value starts to slowly climb back up.

I picked up 2 AKAI MFC42 filters back when MF was blowing them out and ended up selling them for a profit a little over a year later (although I do regret not keeping one).
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