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CTL2 - Joystick / Touch | Patch ideas
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Author CTL2 - Joystick / Touch | Patch ideas
Following the cue from emergencyofstate

I was thinking of having a repository of patch ideas for the Joystick Module.

I have acquired my CTL2 last few weeks and have yet to explore it's full potential. I have used it to control the CV of PT DElay with great results.

Just putting this out there if people have a few patch ideas that they are willing to share.

Thanks in advance
Guinness ftw!
I like it for cross fming two syn2b oscillators.
Output of osc 1 to x input. Output of osc 2 to y input.
X output to osc 2 fm input, y output o osc 1 fm input.

Pressure outputs are fun to wiggle filter cutoff, pt delay time and feedback.
Use it with QNT1, and a VCA and SVF, use the stick put to provide the note, gate out to turn VCA on, and pressure for filter cutoff, should be nice for in tune solos SlayerBadger!
It's the best joystick ever, thanks to the attenuverter abilities and the touch controls. A few examples from recent experiments/performances:

* In the improv sessions with my Baby Bugbrand (supersmall frame with just 7 modules + joystick), I patched the bipolar x and y output into various parameters in three supersmall patches. Then I used the pressure CV from the two touch plates to open two LPGs to actually play the sounds. In this way I could control the timbre/pitch (with the joystick) and when to play and how loud (with the pressure plates).

* Yesterday I patched four different subdivisions of a clock through the joystick in the following way. Two different subdivs to a DC mixer, one at half negative level, the other at full level. The two others to another DC mixer. Then each mixer output to the joysticks inputs, to be controlled bipolarly with the stick, then sent to two rhythm different generators (LPGs or envs or whatever). Moving the joystick around allowed different combinations of the clock/gates to become positive and go over the "trig" threshold of seq or whatever I trigged. At the same time, the actual scaled clock signals were used to control timberal parameters - since clock signals can carry both level and timing information. The reason that the "negative" signals were not on full (negative) level in the DC mixer was to avoid that the two different clock subdivisions should cancel out - when both happen at the same time at least one gets through.

* In another patch experiment from yesterday, I patched a signal through a CGS analogue shift register (a three-step sample&hold, clocked by a very hi freq osc), and sent two of the delayed signals through the x and y sections of the joystick, with bipolar control. In this way I could control filtering of the signal, since digital filters are generally a sum of scaled delayed (by one or more samples) signal values. Without feedback, this was a FIR (finite impulse respons) filter. I also tried including feedback (IIR filter), and got it to resonate. By altering the sampling frequency (the freq och the driving oscillator) I got all kinds of interesting crusher/filter effects.

* And a last one from yesterday: I created two-part chaotic algorithmic bebop by doing bugcrusher (s/h) feedback through the wavefolder and back into bugcrusher, controlling offset and folding level with the joystick. For the second voice, I reversed x and y CVs going to that second wavefolder, so that any position gave different quasi-periodic melodic patterns. At the same time, one axis of the joystick controlled a clock subdivision (implemented by modulating the attack time of an ENV1 triggered by a clock), so that I got some rhythmic changes.

Just a few thoughts. There is so much you can do!

It is the best joystick ever for sure!

Great examples as usual Palle.

The FIR sounds fun, no CGS ASR here, but a few crushers, hmm.
Thank you for the replies so far.
Palle epic reply once again.
I'm gonna try the 2 SYN2B patch as well as the Bugcrusher wavefolder bit.
I feel like we need to sticky up a few of this type of threads for reference to noobs like me.
we're not worthy
Add a SEQ2A to select a preset voltage for each quadrant of joystick space, with glide smoothing the transitions
^ Yes! That one is awesome, I sometimes do that for whirly clock fun hihi
i was hoping to be able to get one of these new but i inquired post-hiatus and since i didnt already have a bugbrand setup so i wasnt able to order one. hopefully they pop up here every once in awhile.
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