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Volta and Pro Tools
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Author Volta and Pro Tools
Anyone think it would be possible to make a RTAS version of Volta that will talk directly to MOTU hardware?

I understand that Digi has the software locked down pretty tight so you can only use their hardware, but it would be cool to find a reliable way around this so there was no need to run 2 computers in sync. Ditching PT isn't an option for me...even if I wanted too, I'm too far invested.

Just curious...
Pro Tools won't even finish booting up without digi hardware, so i don't understand how this would work? hmmm.....
maybe running another plug in host DAW on the same machine in sync with PT
criticalmonkey wrote:
maybe running another plug in host DAW on the same machine in sync with PT

Ableton live? maybe seriously, i just don't get it
I have run logic on a firewire interface and pro tools on a USB Mbox intferface simultaneously, but only just to see if it worked, it did but I didn't get into any serious projects with it. Just enough to see if I could record audio in both seq's and have them be in sync with start/stop times.

Try running live(or another non PT software) under MOTU hardware with the midi out into a PT interface midi in and slave live to midi clock.
Still a pain in the ass, but I don't really see another way around it seriously, i just don't get it

It may be possible to mod a digi interface to pass DC voltages(isn't that what MOTU interfaces do?)
See if Matt at black lion audio has anything to say.
I posted some thoughts on this previously in this thread:
I meant to use it in addition to the Digi hardware. There are plug in out there that talk directly to hardware, (mostly DSP boxes and cards), so I would think it would be possible to have Volta speak directly to the MOTU hardware for CV, and let the Digi hardware run the audio.

What I'm doing now works fine, (locking my Volta machine to my Pro Tools machine), but it would be nice to retire/repurpose the old machine and keep everything centralized. I can try running two hosts on the same machine through whatever the OSX equivalant of Inter-application MIDI is, but I think that would be extra strain on the CPU that wouldn't have to happen if this other way were possible.

OS, I'm glad you were looking into it a little. I haven't tried to use an AU wrapper, there seem to be a lot of points of failure between that and sending the Volta outputs through the Optical to a MOTU interface. It sounds like it would be theoretically possible...Maybe I'll see what's out there for AU wrappers these days.
A quick search of the interweb appears to show that there is no such thing as an AU to RTAS wrapper.

VST to AU, VST to RTAS, no AU to RTAS. very frustrating
I know this is the Volta forum not the Silent Way forum, but how about trying out the VST demo of Silent Way under a wrapper, just as proof of concept?

If that works, then you just need to get MOTU to release a VST version of Volta.
Thats a thought, I just bought a used 828 with a broken optical in though, so I can't test it affordably.

Anyone else have the time and/or desire to give this a try?
won't work - protools will not address any other hardware
It addresses Waves APA, SSL Duendo, Guitar Rig controllers.

Essentially we're talking about Volta addressing it and acting as a bridge. I'm not thinking that Digi would play nice and let you use other hardware as an audio interface with their software.
The way to do it would be to have a motu interface in standalone mode
connected to the adat out of a digidesign i/o box

thats how i use my motu2408 with an RME FF400

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