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ZOe Calibration
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Author ZOe Calibration
Today I decided to re-calibrate completely a Zoe.
As the trimpots references are not the good ones for this ZOe (v2) on the Cyndustries Zoe Calibration file…
here they are now :

VR8 : Sine Symmetry
VR9 : Sine Distortion
VR5 : Triangle Symmetry
VR6 : Morph Symmetry
VR7 : Sawtooth Symmetry
VR3/VR4 : Ring Mod Nulling
VR1/VR2 : 1.2v/Oct Calibration

After a few d'oh! and very frustrating ... 4 octaves perfect tuning right now here !!!!
Pretty sure you can do better. w00t
Lyonel wrote:
After a few d'oh! and very frustrating ... 4 octaves perfect tuning right now here !!!!
Pretty sure you can do better. w00t

4 octaves is pretty damn good for a ZO. applause

I got two so I can cover 4 octaves between the two. lol

I can calibrate all aspects of my Zoe in accordance with the above except for BOTH 1V/Oct and 1.2V/Oct. After measuring, it seems that my 'Don' input is closer to 1.33V/Oct with very little ability for adjustment via the trimmer.

Can anyone instruct me on how to do this? It simply seems as if the trimmers on the PCBs don't have a enough range at all. I can't even get it to track 1 octave. The root note doesn't matter, I get nowhere.
I’m thinking of buying a new trimmer with more range. Does anyone know the part number for VR2?

I haven't adjusted any of my trimmers since I got mine.

Just to be sure, you have no modulators in any inputs and index turned all the way down?

Been a while since I used mine.
Yeah, I went through the full calibration procedure and set everything up according to the documentation. I could calibrate everything but the scaling.
To be clear, only sine wave out to my Jones O'Tool and then to the 227e for audibility. Only the 223e output to the "Don" input on the Zoe.

Thanks for checking in and letting me know. This Buchla ecosystem scaling thing is annoying.
I have never been able to calibrate the scaling of mine either. Because of the limitations, I don't use it in such a way that I need accurate scaling. It's kind of a one trick pony for me, but it does that trick very well.
Since 2013, I have never tuned it again, so... just around two octaves now, more or less, when driven alone.
But in fact, when I want the Zoe to be well tuned, I always use it in conjunction (Reversal input) with the 258v or a DPO (Doug Precision Oscillator) as master, wired like that, the 258v being much easier to tune (on the front), it follows perfectly.

It´s there a way to get the pcb´s for this module? i want to build one for 4u Serge type version. I have the euro version mk1 ( extremely deep module it has something like 4 pcb´s in series . Converting it to 4u could be a nightmare.

If you know how to get pcb´s for this 4u version that would help a lot.
Ric thumbs up
Not sure pcbs will ever be available, but I bet you could get at least halfway there with a Ian Fritz teezer pcb.
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