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Late Night Bugbrand patch
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Author Late Night Bugbrand patch

Bugbrand modular synth sequenced by Modcan Touch Seq. Drums are Cynare, RX5 through EH Bass Balls.

bass line 1 is Bugbrand Tri Core VCO to a state variable filter modulated by a DD2+envelopes, into a PT Delay.

Bass Line 2 is the Bugrbrand Quadrature Sine Osc. FMd by a SYN2a through a waveshaper modulated by DD2 and envelope.

Cynare is being trigger by clock divisions of the 2 bass line envelope end of cycle
a scanner darkly
Great patch, love the groove!

PS You can embed SoundCloud if you change https to http in the link.
Thanks for the kind words and the hot tip!
Awesome late night groove.
this is sick! love how u used the dd2 plus triggered envelopes to create a 303ish slidey sequence with the leadbasses. will be ripping off that trick later tonight. and the progression with the percussion is pretty sweet. great work! now just gimme some stereo imaging so the low part of the bass n kick has some room to punch thru w00t
sounds great! really enjoyed.
Cool track, good swing! Love this kind of music.
Thanks so much!!!! Dogoftears, thanks for the suggestion!! I agree everything might need a bit more defined space. I'm going to work out another version. The one above was day one with patch I'm going to do another take about a third as long so it's not quite so repetitive, I'm going to try and work the stereo field a bit more as well.
Thanks so much for listening everyone!!
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