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Phase 1 - complete
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Author Phase 1 - complete
My dual Borg II and Boogie HP/LP in 300 format arrived last wednesday while I was buried in work hell. I'm still waiting on a third rack frame, so I pulled out the Omni Filter (which can "stand up" on its own after all) and popped the new filters in this weekend. When the third rack frame shows up, I will have room for the 300 format Miniwave+expander, dual miniwave/ASR/Mult, and Omni. Plus 3 spaces for future 300 series modules or DIY.

First impression of the new filters is wow, I'd forgotten how damn good they sound. The Borg2 is FAST. The Boogie LP is FAT. and the Boogie HP is not unlike the Frequensteiner; freaky and a little unstable.

The new modules come with engraved faceplates, which look completely awesome. Samples and pics to follow.
Muff Wiggler
very very sweet indeed 8)

Is the 300 Series Borg 2 any different from the 1200 Series one (other than getting two and having a larger size)?

What about the Boogie? it's my favorite LPF of them all - FAT is an understatement, it simply doesn't get any better than this in my opinion.

I know you get the HP and LP configuration on a single panel - but are they any different from just taking the 1200 series units and jumpering them to get the desired response?

Are they both simply a pair of 1200-series PCBs built inot a 300-series panel?

cheers & congrats
my guess if nothing else is the sound quality is probably raised a bit. the 300 series in general seems cleaner than the average frac.

i remember Grant citing this as one of the reasons for discontinuing the 1200 series(obviously put in a more concise and proper manner than I).

oh and dang Paul congrats! can't wait for the pics and samples. they shall be archived. grin
Muff Wiggler
nothing wrong with the sound quality or cleanliness in the 1200 series! I've never heard as good, clean and fat sounding filter as the Boogie.

I recall Grant saying the 'new filters' for 300 series were just a pair of 1200-series PCBs behind a 300-series mounting panel, so everything should really be the same...

Also for the 300 series Grant recommends using Blacet's PSU, and they have the same power connectors as Blacet modules, so in terms of grounding and power bus cleanliness they shouldn't be any different either...

I recall Grant saying 1200 series was tough because of the limited panel space vs. amount of functionality he wanted to bring out....

The 300 series Borg II has the two CV inputs normalled together, so you can fire both with the same envelope sans mult. Power leads are also linked so you only spend one. Other than that, it is two stock Borg IIs. The Boogie is also stock, but the jumpering is a phase thing, not a LP/HP thing; AFAIK, Grant has not made a Boogie HP in 1200 format, although I suppose he would if you asked him. I don't think the CV ins are normalled on the Boogie, I'll check when I get home.

But yeah, basically, they're just paired up 1200s with one power lead, with an engraved panel instead of silkscreen. Same exposed boards in the back, etc.
--edited with the exact quote from Grant. I bolded the part I was trying to convey.--

Grant Richter :

"I'm have put the 300 series back in full production.

The 1200 series is still available until I use up the existing parts. I plan to
port the 1200
series design into 300 series packaging eventually. The Joystick and JAG will
stay just as
they are. It would make no sense to have those in 300 series cases.

The 300 series was never completely out of production, but I had switched my
efforts to the Frac-Rac format. I now think that was a mistake. I didn't want to
go head to
head with Don over the 200e, but now the Buchla product is mature enough that I
feel OK
placing my emphasis on the 300 series again. I wanted Don to succeed with the
Musical instruments is a field where if one company "defeats" another company,
the whole
culture loses out.

John Simonton intended the Frac-Rac format to be economical. John Blacet has
done a
absolutely brilliant job of executing designs in that format. But the Frac-Rac
doesn't have
the inherent infrastructure for the highest grade professional instruments. That
is not to
take away from the great modules already designed, or question the quality of
instruments. A Blacet instrument is a superb economical instrument.

In my opinion the Frac-Rac aluminum is too light weight and the lack of fully
enclosures keeps them from achieving extremely low electrical noise. Because of
that, I
don't feel Frac-Rac modules should cost over $300 tops. That price point places
a limit on
the complexity of designs
. To summerize, I like the Frac-Rac format a lot, and I
admire the
instruments already in that format. But it has become a limitation for new Wiard

I am hoping for some customer feedback. The goal of the 300 series is to have 12
module designs, there are currently 8. These 8 modules already do almost every
kind of
synthesis known to mankind, so designing 4 new modules is no easy task. The
is one new design for certain.

What additional features would you like to see in the 300 series? Feel free to
there are no stupid ideas. (Well, adding a Moog style transistor ladder filter
is a stupid
idea, the Boogie filter already blows that thin sounding design away)."
Muff Wiggler
Kwote wrote:
i think it had to do with the faceplate conductivity and exposed components.

ah actually now that you mention it, i do recall him saying that - I know the (non-new-filter) 300 modules' electronics are inside fully shielded enclosures

Kwote wrote:
i'm not gonna go digging it up so you can ignore me if you like. haha.

why would i want to do that? i was asking because i was genuinely curious...

Kwote wrote:
ican't speak on the boogie/borg so feel free to delete my contributions to this thread.

did i come off as harsh or something? apologies if i did, wasn't the intent - just seriously curious

and i don't think i have any record with ever deleting anything ever on this forum, except for one really stupid argument that had nothing to do with music or gear. i certainly hope no-one has the impression that i go around this forum deleting anything i don't care to read - or anything at all for that matter. I don't like deleting anything, ever.
Muff Wiggler
ah attack of the edited posts. anyway my reply was based on the original post, but thanks for digging up that info - appreciate it!
lol. no you didn't come off harsh at all. just thought i was being an idiot and was oops

it's all good. been a weird day over my way.
Muff Wiggler
no sweat, that's what i figured 8)

i get lots of those days myself hehehe

s'all good yo
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