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Thee Gristleizer - What am I missing?
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Author Thee Gristleizer - What am I missing?
I don't write this "review" lightly... I am a big supporter of people who make stupid boxes for us to make stupid noises with . . . If you build it, ill try it... but this thing I just don't get. I came to the studio today to test out the new 'stompbox' Gristleizer and I gotta say this thing is not very throbbing and not at all gristleizey....

I have spent about a day with it and for a hard earned $375 quid I gotta say that it sounds like shit (not the good kinda shit). . . its by far the most tame box in the studio... The filter is VERY boring. From reading the descriptions online I was expecting a kind of filter/vca/rigmod... like a boutique version of a DOD Gonkulator . . .

Its not. Not even close. Any users care to chime in and tell me what I am missing...I really want to hear your feedback on this. I really hate to talk shit about cool people making cool boxes but this is one instance where I feel like maybe I am missing something. . . seriously, i just don't get it

(but the packaging and build quality is nice thumbs up )
Chuck E. Jesus
xart wrote:
What am I missing?

boob job?
Already tried it with my blond wig on.... and still don't sound all scary like the hamburger lady . . .in fact it kinda makes my bongo musicks sound even more like John Tesh . . .

xart wrote:
Already tried it with my blond wig on.... and still don't sound all scary like the hamburger lady . . .in fact it kinda makes my bongo musicks sound even more like John Tesh . . .

xart wrote:

We hate you little girls
Soy Sos
Yeah, I gotta say I was pretty underwhelmed when I heard the demos.
It seemed like I can easily achieve those kind of sounds from what I have
in my modular. Some things sound an behave like no other, this seems more
like what's cool about it is the connection with the band. No slight on anyone that has one and digs it.
just saw a pretty good demo of one linked on MATRIXSYNTH

Not surpurised to find that you feel it's less than expected. Some of the minds behind TG/PTV were prone to hyperbole. In context of time and place, a pretty powerful sonic weapon, but to your average muffer, perhaps not so much hmmm.....
I don't think you're missing anything... I wasn't impressed when I heard one at a friend's place either.
I had one of the first ones, bought (and signed!) at the Chicago TG show. Bringing it home, i felt it was more of novelty. While i never bothered to mod it for CV IN/OUT, i did kind of feel it's a one-trick pony.

I sold it because, in the context of my setup, i wanted more than a chugging noise box.
If anyone wants to make me an offer for the stompbox, I have it here and used it for a total of 2 hours. I gave it another chance last night and ummmm....its really really really cool and great and I totally love it, but its just not going to work in my new live musick tour club disco rave setup....or um I have decided to go in another direction with my studio....yeah. hihi

If you want it, make me an offer.
100 rubles

fuck you, you hypocrit guy
I've got the desktop version and I love it it's a really angry filter and it fucks up everything I run through it I've got CV mods in the back (just installed) and with slower LFO's it gets spooky. I suppose it's all a matter of personal taste I also suspect that half the appeal of this effect is its connection to TG, I mean on it's own it's a good effect if that's what you want but it's not going to make you a martini or anything I mean it's a lowfi kind of gritty filter with an LFO that doesn't quite go slow enough or high enough and a VCA that will clip everything you put into it personally I love it but I love it for it's imperfections and for the story behind it's creation and original use. if it were just some thing that came on the market sight unseen I think I might also be a bit underwhelmed but I like a good story and a bad filter.
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