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Holy Shit, Man
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Author Holy Shit, Man
My Sunsyn - repaired and upgraded to V2 - just arrived. I have nowhere, seriously nowhere, to put it, let alone play it. I wish I were still upstate. This NYC couch-surfing shit is for the birds.
i have a spot for it if you need a place to set it down for a while Mr. Green
If I move to PDX, which in the cards {let's say it's any black ace}, then maybe I'll take you up on that, Ig.
Hey let us know if the upgrade is worth it. What are the great new features?
I still really want one... my Andromeda has grown stale on me, and I really, really love the Sunsyn. Too bad every one I've found has been in the $5k range. I can think of better ways to spend that kind of money.
A Dingleberry Monstrosity
awwww poor you!!!! angry hihi
Hey, let's put this in perspective! I bought it in the spring of 2007, and it was basically broken, locking up within 30 minutes or so of powering up every time. I put it in storage and eventually sent it to JoMoX for service in Nov 2008. I just got it back now - I've spent over 300 USD on shipping alone. Damn right, poor me!

The delay in returning, for the record, was probably because JM assured me that OS 2 was close, so I asked him to keep it around for the upgrade. There were already several Sunsyns in his shop for repair, though.
Kosh: On paper, it's a compelling upgrade: 29&product=sunsyn-os-20-update
Yes it looks like a cool upgrade... let us know how it sounds (when you find room to plug it in :-))))
I've always wanted a SunSyn. If anyone wants to unload one please contact me.
Well, it doesn't crash, and it still sounds great. I have no idea when I'll get a chance to load up my own RCOs and such, but I had to hear it again. I still think the Sunsyn has one of the best mod matrices I've seen in a synth. It may not have as many sources and destinations {and destinations are all analogue - you can't modulate the LFOs or RCOs}, but recursive, asymmetric cross modulations and striking sound effects are a breeze. It can do subtle, too. The filter's still to die for. I'm really glad it's back.
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