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222e/223e CV out max value 966???
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Author 222e/223e CV out max value 966???
I have a question about the CV outs on the 223e/222e...

In the manual it says it goes to 10.00 (1000) no decimals on the display.

Mine seems to only go to 966 is this normal??

If so how does this work??
What do you mean by "how does it work ?"
I need to check mine, but even if it goes only to 966 max, you'll need this sort of extreme voltage very rarely.
I don't remember one time going so far up.
I agree I will likely never need 10 volts...

Basically I am asking if you send 3.8 volts + 1.2v does that = 5v so does that = 440hz?

What is the conversion.
Sorry, I'm not very techy, I can't answer on this.
I never calculate like this, I listen and look at my tuner.
I guess the answer might be years too late.
My 223e also goes up only to 966.

I still think it would be quite useful if they would go up to 10V / 1000.

A 281 goes up/down from 0 to 10V. I wanted to tune a CV IN of a 259 with the 281 going into it to move up/down exactly one octave. To help tune it i wanted a steady input of 10V / 1000 out of the 223e.
I ended up using 500/5V from the 223 going into a 257 with the + 5V switch on to get 10V. Worked quite well.
the hardware doesn't go up to 10v, there was a bug in the feedback resistor value for the dac output opamp. at the time it was more difficult to fix and make the previous revisions also work with a single software version so instead i changed the software to display the actual output voltage (previously you could crank it up to "10.00" but the voltage stopped increasing at ~9.67v).
thanks for the information!
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