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Author Ninjam?
Typical - now another question. Do any of you jam over the internet? We (me, 2 brothers and a friend) have a monthly jam / music session (guitars e and acoustic, synths, including an old ETI 4600, voice, drums) - every 3rd Friday evening. We are all in UK but in 3 different towns about 130 miles apart. It works very well and as the software records to hard drive each person’s track - you can have some fun mixing later. The software is the free Ninjam and we tend to use Reaper (free) as it has the VST Ninjam link - its juts a little easier you don't have to use Reaper. I run the server software (dead easy to set up) on a spare PC. So you just connect to the dedicated IP address and link up. NOW - the only thing to note is that what you hear is 2 bars behind - so effectively there's no lag. Might seem strange but it works. - and its good fun.
Sounds really cool!

Can u possibly post some music you have created?

Yes I will - I'll post when I've sort it.

Was thinking may be setting up a 'live session' one day in May - say over a 4 hour period. Any one could log in add sounds for 4 minutes or 4 hours or anywhere in between! Though the latter would be a bit greedy eek!

There's no rules, no criticism, just the sounds.

Later I'll post up a quick how to get going with Ninjam (with and without Reaper) and the address to log on to the server. A friend of mine is running a 100Mb/s + a super upload speed - so may get him to run the server.


PS what shall we call it - how about May Noise Fest!
based on my brief research it appears that Windows users need to use Reaper for this to be reliable in client mode?

I would love to hear otherwise
When we 4 get together once a month - 2 use Reaper and 2 just the basic Ninjam client. All 4 on XP or Win 7 platform. I'm not aware any particular differences re reliability with those set ups. As our broadband speeds have increased over the last year / 18 months, particularly the upload speed - we used to have the occasional drop out and now very often its fine for over a 3 hour period. We are running our own dedicated server (XP) which might help things. The one thing we did notice was that the those further away from the server had the more likely chance of drop out (by that I mean disconnection from the server). Also I understand (but we've not experienced it as we are 4 only) - that there is a practical limit to the number of people that can operate in a session.
could you describe the signal flow of using the Ninjam client with a DAW? I tend to use Live 9 like an instrument so being able to route the audio internally to it would be ideal for me. Or is meant to be more of a stand alone app that is meant to get you audio into the session where Reaper is run at another site for recording?

I have a few friends far away that it would be nice to jam with again. We are on all platforms from Linux, Win7 to OS X so NinJam looks like it should work. It would be nice if the client was VST plugin.

I could certainly run the server on a spare Win7 machine.
Haven - I'll get more detail out this weekend. Quick answer. I run Reaper (you can run it for free) but when you install ensure you install the Rearoute option. I only use Reaper as a vehicle to link to sound card and Ninjam and therefore Ninjam in and out to the web. So you only really need to familiarise yourself (in Reaper) with audio options and firing up the ninjam vst that comes with Reaper. Now the good bit, in Ableton, which is my main DAW, I link via Rearoute to Reaper. Now I can run Ableton as I normally do with soft synths, clips, and midi in for key board etc. Rearoute is Reaper’s own ASIO type link and doesn’t interfere with the Reaper / ASIO link to the soundcard.
The other good thing about having Reaper lying around is that the Ninjam client will record all Ninjam tracks (your own and in my case the friends coming in) to hard disk, There’s a few options and I’ve settled on .oog format which literally records hundreds of 2 bar chunks – it has been completely reliable for over 18 months now. After a Ninjam session if you drag the log file associated with the Ninjam hard disk recording into Reaper – Reaper will automatically convert the many .oog files into a single music track and auto align all the tracks, even if other Ninjam users logged off and back on again (or indeed if they dropped out and logged back in again). The beauty of this - its then easy to export the (now) single Reaper tracks to .Wav files – and actually I import them into Ableton to do the mix downs. Sounds a bit complicated but once you done it a couple of times or so its a relatively easy process. I choose the default .oog method as I believe it’s a faster real time handling than .wav recording – particularly as sometimes time flies and your been playing a an hour! To keep things manageable it’s a good tip to just disconnect the ninjam client and then reconnect (to the server) a few times during a session. Its each one of these that has the log file – and just makes the process I’ve described above a bit easier. Moving around 4 3 hour tracks in Reaper / Ableton is a bit cumbersome – 5 or 6 half hour long chunks – just a bit easier. Get back weekend with some diagrams and more detailed notes on running ninjam client and server.
bumping this as here are some useful links ...

user guide


expert sleepers es-8 and ninjam

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