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Gig audio and videos [techno] - updated with headcam video
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Author Gig audio and videos [techno] - updated with headcam video
Hot headcam action:

Had gigs in Freiburg and Karlsruhe. Kind of techno danceparty stuff.

Used modular synth (6U eurorack + a DIY panel), octarack and a few fx pedals.

The octatrack has most of the drum sounds and also send triggers and sequences to the modular. The octatrack also samples and loops the modular to build up melodic layers.


More media here:
listening to your soundcloud now. Nice beat and flow. Interesting considering the other drum modules / drum machine thread going on in this forum.

Hey, thanks for checking it out!
Nice live jam, man.
Thanks dude!
I am in utter awe of this set, would you mind posting your modular setup?
Hey thanks!

My 6U eurorack can be seen pretty clearly in this video - though I guess the DIY ones aren't so clear:

It contains the following:

top row: MFB OSC2, e350+expander, STG vca, miss10 nz/sh/lfo, elby 4x4, stg slope detector, a-156quant, 4ms RCD+breakout

bottom: a190-2midi/cv, harvest polyvox, plague bearer, ThomasW LPG, 2x bimix, a101-2 lpg, maths

I also have a DIY box which I'm mostly using for extra modulation sources and a bit of trem/ring mod.

In the karlsruhe set, the main voice, which is mostly getting trigs and sequences from the octatrack, is 2 of the 3 oscs from the mfb through the polivox. The polivox is sometimes fmed by the ring mod output from the mfb osc. This is usually looped in the octatrack after being played with a bit.
Another voice is the e350 through the doepfer lpg. This is controlled by the ribbon cable. Sometimes looped in the octatrack.
Another voice is an osc from the mfb through the TW lpg. This is sequenced by complex and changing cv going through the quantizer and gates from the RCD. This output is multed through a ringmod and sometimes looped.
Also have noise going through the plague bearer hit by various gates from the RCD which gives noise and weird sound effects.
The RCD is clocked from the OT.

I think that's basically it, though I'm not sure if my explanation makes too much sense. Anyway, thanks for checking it out! Was a fun show.
This is definitely my favourite set I've seen on here. Totally inspiring. Any chance I could get a clear picture of the setup? Also, how planned in advance is it?

Thanks for the super detailed response!
Hey. Glad you like it!

I don't think I have any clear photos of the set up at the show - you can see a bit in the videos, and below are some photos of the system patched similarly ( though not exactly the same) at home.

The set is planned in advance to a certain extent. I have some midi sequences and scenes (effect settings) saved in the octatrack - and a cheat sheet to help me remember what is where. The modular patch is made in advance and I don't repatch much while playing (switching between filter outputs and changing things around on the RCD mostly). The sequences are mostly in the same (or sympathetic) keys more or less and the 156 and quantizer in the ribbon controller box as well. The oscillators are tuned by ear. But I don't have any an idea about what order things are going to happen in or what will be combined with what. But from there it's pretty much a jam. And the modular usually starts to make unexpected noises after a certain point and it's best to just go with that.

That is absolutely glorious.
Headcam video:

Motion sickness!!!
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