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Case for Bitvision
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Author Case for Bitvision
Anyone here make a case for a Bitvision or have any ideas how to mount it? I'd love to throw it into my Doepfer rack next to the MVIP so if anyone has any ideas on a rackmount setup too, i'd be all ears. Cheers! thumbs up
If you want a panel for it, you will definitely need to swap out the hardware. The PCB has mounting holes so you could keep the pots and buttons if you mount it parallel to the panel.

Another idea would be to put it in a guitar pedal enclosure. You might be able to keep everything in place that way but I'd still opt for panel mounted hardware for better durability.

One more option would be to design a case on Ponoko similar the Mutable Instruments cases.
Yeah, i don't think i'd be able to do that. I wish someone could make one for me.
Did LZX every mount any in cases? hey Liz, did you ever make a case for a bitvision?
i started modeling one with the intentions of getting a 3D print but its incomplete. ive been using the bitvision more lately though so its something i should really finish. im kinda new to electronics but i would like to figure out which panel mount buttons and pots would work. it would make the case design much easier, but then if any one else wanted a print, theyd have to mod theirs too seriously, i just don't get it
As long as the values match, any will do. That is unless you want them to mount to the pcb. If not, just wire em up,
It looks like the Mutable Instruments stuff uses little if not any panel mount stuff. That being the case, I say ditch the panel mount (also since I couldnt find any panelmount/pcbmount pushbuttons for under $20 hihi ). They use:

these push buttons MsgGjVA3toVBMVCa577J%252bXuxKck96BmEDU%3d

with these caps for em DN%252bTG9bigB%252bQ==

The pots might be ok but if they need to be longer, these could work: K7s4FWDP8bgduWw==

I'm liking this idea more and more. It'd be nice to keep as many parts that come with the kit as possible. I'm definitely down to help out.

Is there a bom with parts listed? It'd help to check out the datasheets for the hardware.

The biggest issue I'm seeing is the alignment of the composite out, the dc inlet, and the audio jack. They don't look like the quite match up. It could just be the picture I'm looking at though. Can anyone with a bitvision verify this?
I really should do a V2 version of Bitvision with a PCB designed for enclosure mounting. There are just so many projects on the table right now. In the next version I'd like you to have animated GIF decoding and an SD card slot for loading in images easily.
also if you could sequence the different images to make some sort of animation would be rad
hey, I would be well up for a cased Bitvision, but as other posters have stated it would need the post and buttons desoldering and remounted for it to make sense, so thats potentially not for everyone.
Although forgive me if I'm wrong but I would have thought a high percentage of people interested in this stuff know their way round a soldering iron.

Anyway, I have done a quick and dirty job on mine and mounted it in a project box like this:

Basically I used an epoxy to glue the mounting points to the Lid of the box, so I can use it live on a table with out shorting any points and gives me something to tape the power and signal cables to if necessary.

And when finished, flip it upside down into the box with some bubble wrap to cushion it from any bumps.

works pretty well, apart from when you have to get it through airport security... to say it looks suspect ...
Here is the case I made for my bitvision out of an oooooold McAlly track ball.

It worked well because the front of it slopes down allowing the pots to stick up and access to the buttons.

Had to play with placement to get the right part of the slope and still easily get to the plugs in the back.
With a regular project box you could drill holes for the pots to stick out and drill holes for "button extensions". For a temporary case I made for a LDB-1 drum module I made a panel out of plexi. Drilled holes for the pot, leds, and over the buttons. I used screws with a flat top and put them in upside down for button extensions.

Instead of screws or bolts you can get creative with a button extension.
If you want something more permanent/finished you could mount new push buttons on the project enclosure and wire them in parallel to the regular buttons on the bitvision. Drill holes for the pots to stick up and access to back end jacks.
wcfields =51&productid=84

These are literally 8 cents at Mouser (7 cents each if you buy 10+). alkey61600000virtualkey616-60228-02
Ummm... Click the data sheet link and look up the manufacturer part number in there. It's a #2 x 11/16" screw for that price. Not the box.

Here's the actual box: it/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsrGrAVj6eTvX3wYe7otpirFRhBiAt2Tnw%3d
daverj wrote:
Ummm... Click the data sheet link and look up the manufacturer part number in there. It's a #2 x 11/16" screw for that price. Not the box.

Here's the actual box: it/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsrGrAVj6eTvX3wYe7otpirFRhBiAt2Tnw%3d

Hahaha, good thing I didn't order the 20 I currently have in my cart smile
cv slime 800
lizlarsen wrote:
In the next version I'd like you to have animated GIF decoding and an SD card slot for loading in images easily.

That sounds amazing! thumbs up
a friend of mine made a nice case for her Arduino with a 3D printer and I had an "ah-ha!" moment. Get yourselves and your Bitvisions to a 3D printer if you can.
do you have the plans for the print? shapeways?
no, but here's the photo for inspiration.
I've been a long time lurker, really great inspiration from here.

I'm currently studying EE with the plan of going into product design, and mess around with synthesis on the side.

For my CAD class, our project was to design a 3D object from a 2D drawing, laser cut, and assemble it.

I've been messing around with my Bitvision for quite some time and really wished it had a case. I though of mounting it in a pre-built enclosure and rewiring components to the chassis. Instead, I decided to build an enclosure directly around the PCB.

After taking so much information from this forum, I want to contribute a little something back.

I've attached an AutoCAD .dwg file and a Corel Draw .cdr file. Feel free to modify.

I plan to build the case out of neon acrylic.

All measurements were made (painstakingly in millimeters), and require 4x 12mm M3 F-F Standoffs, 4x 12mm M3 F-M Standoffs, and 8x M3 Fasteners.

Buttons will need to be replaced, with keycaps.

For LZX, much thanks. I've included an engraving of their logo on the back.


(Will post finished pictures in the future)
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