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Koto Synth?
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Author Koto Synth?
Anyone know anything about this one? Looks kinda sweet razz Z110433965015QQcmdZViewItemQQptZKeyboards_MIDI?hash=item19b66093d7&_tr ksid=p3286.c0.m14
I know a little bit. That same seller finds them all. I get the feeling he's hoping by evoking the name "EMS" he can jack up the price.

I've looked around but never seen one except a couple newer models in online catalogs. I've never seen one in a shop though I usually look in shops catering to rock musicians and the small handful of proper synth shops. So I haven't figured out how high or not high his prices are. I would guess if one wanted one one would hunt in classified ads and the few second hand stores left. Perhaps some used Japanese instrument dealers have them.

It's not a synth, it's an electronic instrument like a practice keyboard and arguably it's not really supposed to be a koto, though it likely has that as a preset, it's an electronic Taishogoto - (you can google that) though "Taishogoto" is often translated as Taisho Koto.

I think the evolution goes like this.

1. traders bring bullbull tarangs from India in the early 20th century and the Japanese think they are cool.

2. they get re-tuned and built in Japan as Taishogotos probably around the 1920s and become quite a craze in the popular and hobby music scene. There were definitely professional players and ensembles but it's kind of a niche in that it's pop culture not proper Japanese classical but then again hundreds of years earlier the Biwa and some other Japanese classical instruments were based on a Chinese instruments that sometimes no one could play "properly" or tune as intended by the original Chinese designers.

3. So like other popular stringed instruments it was electrified later on and eventually was made in analog electronic form and then digital electronic form though I'm pretty sure it's still a retro niche kind of thing. People sometimes make a banjo analogy to explain.
Very exotic! Smell like ARP 2600! Taste like ROLAND JUPITER-8! Expensive like BUCHLA 200E!
Thanks for the reply. I don't intend to buy one, just curious hyper
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