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Jomox X-base 999 problems.
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Author Jomox X-base 999 problems.
I just got my xbase 999, I am half happy and half ready to sell it.

I have the latest OS on it.

I dig the sounds, interface and control ability from Cubase 5. When it works... for some reason my kit is constantly changing. First my kick drums pitch changes, then my low toms volume goes down then the high tom gets an lfo assigned to it and then my snare changes in tone. While playing I'll hear a high tom play way out of key and then it will fix itself. Stuff like that... This isn't just the buffer either, I'll switch kits back and forth and the kit is still fucked. Its saving these changes to memory and I'll tell you some of these changes have nothing to do with the automation I have on the track.

I am fixing my kit every 5 minutes and I cant play a song all the way though without hearing it fuck up. I've tried turning write protect on but that doesn't stick.

Jomox couldn't have really released a product that is this glitchy could they?

So what am I doing wrong?

I have the jomox connected to my midi timepiece both sending and receiving midi. The jomox is kept mostly in preform mode except when a patch fucks up and I need to fix it, when I do that I make sure the sequencer is at square 1 and stopped.

Any help, suggestions?
I have never encountered such problems and I've been using my 999 for about 3 years. In fact, I didn't know you could even change those parameters on the fly with MIDI.

My guess is that the 999 is getting a ton of MIDI data it shouldn't be getting. I know Jomox only recommends certain MIDI interfaces for updating OS. There should be a list of compatible interfaces on the Yahoo group. I have a MOTU MIDI Express 128 with Live and it works fine.

Are you saving your kit after you have it set up the way you want it? What MIDI interface are you using?
Thanks Sascha,

I'm using a MOTU Midi Timepiece AV, which I used for the OS update.

My guess is that I am sending too much midi information. I literally have measure long tom fills with both toms changing pitch every quarter note, which alone I would hope that the Jomox could handle. But I also have the decay constantly changing on both the Snare and the kick. The pitch of the snare changing once a measure and the hi hats changing constantly.

For my first track I wrote sort of an electro industrial/metal track with very fast drums, that's the track I am having my problems with. Tom rolls and fast kicks and snares with hi hats.

Do you sequence your beats from a DAW or just from your Jomox?
sounds kinda like a dead battery?

yeah or maybe your sending all that midi data and it's controlling and effecting the parameters.

I had a jomox airbase with a dead battery and it did all kinds of weird things, like not storing kits, weird glitchy text on the screen etc.

and yes all the jomox drum machines are really buggy
It saves kits alright. It wont let me enable the write protection though. It says enabled but when I go back to double check it says its off.

It just feels like the xbase is always writing. So when its receiving automation from Cubase its writing it to memory.
Dude, that sounds like a shit ton of MIDI!

You might consider sequencing your drums with the built in 999 sequencer and then send clock to the 999. I've done this with sequences that have lots of parameter changes no problem.

Also, you should try emailing Shaggie on the Yahoo group. He's definitely the most active member so he might have a solution for you.
I forgot about the yahoo groups... gotta join that. Thanks sasha.
Thanks Sascha for directing me to Shagghie on the yahoo group. Smart guy.

And for future reference... Anybody having problems with or questions about your Jomox... Shagghie is the guy to talk to, hes polite, well informed and eager to help.

Here's some of the email for anybody with the same issues as I.

"First of all, you're doing nothing wrong and are not going crazy. You are trying to automate a piece of analog (partly) gear, which is voodoo science, and was hard enough for Juergen to program 'automation' in the 999's sequencer/logic itself. The problem with doing so is that you might extend past the logic 'bounds' that the 999's own sequencer and internal 'midi talk' are able to expect and respond to. Analog is linear in nature, so an automation that does not afford a linear physical restraint can/will 'break' things in the process. The other issue might be simply that you are overloading the 999's own midi buffer. Juergen often uses older pics and slower processors..the generation of computing technology he is most familiar with, going back over a decade in technology."

"But.. in GENERAL... I would humbly recommend moving AWAY from automating an analog stand alone instrument as much as possible...especially one that is as complex and crazy as the 999. The 999 itself, in it's design, already had to overcome the exceptional challenge of controlling discreet circuits with 'automation' and 'per step' edit-a-bilities. To get a midi encoder to talk to a linear analog-curved circut in a consistant, and highly interpolative manner, was already a 2 year challenge for Juergen to do. "

"Learn the *box* itself inside and out as best you can, and see how far you can get with your ideas that way, as opposed to relying on what you might already be comfortable/skilled at in the land of DAW midi/automation, etc. See if you can push yourself to do so... the 999 might unlock heaps of new ideas and creativity within you, let alone raw inspiration as a largely analog/quirky, and barely tamable beast that it is."

Thanks Shagghie for clearing this up for me, I am once again excited about my Xbase 999.

I had some strange behavoir with my 999 the other day (posted on yahoo groups). Basically the settings for the Bass Drum saved with various kits got all screwed up. Odd values and LFOs used on kits that weren't there before. The saved values for the BD on most of my 30 kits were jacked, and they were present on patterns in Pattern mode. It really annoyed me Rage!

The 999 has worked fine for 2yrs and I don't send any midi automation information to the unit other than clock for sync purposes. I just went back an re-programmed them all. I'm sure they sound different from original, but I hadn't backed up the machine in awhile so had no choice and who's gonna remember settings on 30 different bass drums hmmm..... not me
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