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visual jockey gold
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Author visual jockey gold
Does anyone use this software? Its glitchy and no longer supported but its also free, very versatile and can have some wild results.

visual jockey gold

Its basically a modular patching tool for video much like touch designer or modul8 but its pretty easy to use.

Heres some stuff I made with it. Mostly using feedback loops on various effects but sometimes I also chromakey in some footage.
This is sick thanks
I still use it. (: I just worked a large event a couple of weeks ago using vJo on 2 machines. I refuse to switch to anything else. vJo uber alles!

Question, so where do I download the main program? I downloaded the VJO-SP1 and tried to install it. It appears that is an update.

I'm running windows 7 and can find references that it should run.
Pinging this back up the pile.

Anyone know where I can download the software?

The only thing I found was the service pack.

If not, is there other software that I might try? Possibly opensource?

I dont think that SP1 is supposed to be an update...

It was made for vista and it is now basically totally un-supported, so you might try running it in ancient compatibility mode.

There is also a newer version that I never got to work but I am running it on wine in linux so that isn't saying much: -1-update/

If you want to dive in head first i suggest VVVV. Its like pure data for visuals. Also it has a hilariously short URL
I have a fairly simple 9-step process to install vJo on Win7 64-bit. It includes some old files (like installing old DirectX, VC redist, etc.) I will try to get a tutorial page on my site in the next week or so.

Also, in this FB discussion (hopefully you can see it): 55845457775484&notif_t=like

Sergey may also be able to help. His method is likely better than mine. I believe I may not update to the very latest in my procedure. I only go to SP1 v1.07 (Build . I am pretty sure there were updates beyond this, but I got confused due to dropping out for long periods.

I will respond back here with a link to my tutorial. Or, I suppose I could just write it up, here, and link to the files on my site.

BTW, everyone is correct in that VVVV is awesome. There are some others that may come close, too. But, to this day, vJo has the best sound analysis engine [and hooks into that] on the planet, imho.


Sorry for the delay. No tutorial, either. Just what I use from my drives. Hopefully you can figure it out.
Hello, I'm stillllll using visual jockey gold because I haven't found better audio reactivity in any other platform... I'm open to updated suggestions on that note as far as audio sensitive video software.

I joined the forum to ask if any other vjo users have encountered the same bugtrap error that I have. I'm running Windows 7, and suddenly - after months of working fine in this OS - a popup message appears upon launch of visual jockey that reads:

"A crash has been detected by BugTrap

To help the development process, this program will try and gather the information about the crash, and the state of your machine at the time of the crash."

Then I only have the option to close Visual Jockey, making it inaccessible.

So has anyone else run into this wall before, and more importantly, did you find an effective workaround?

(The above links are dead...)

Thank you!
Wow, can't believe the notification for this response still reached me. I think I have recovered my email servers twice since last posting here. has been brought back from my archives.

I was just getting ready to bring my Win7pro machines back into a working state for a show Jan 06. First time out in 4 years. I hope I do not encounter this problem, but will let you know if I do. My machines are kept pretty updated, OS-wise. I hardly ever update my graphics drivers due to having such poor luck in the past with those and always having to downgrade.

Other than that, they are the exact same machines I used for a few 4-6 hour shows in 2014. I had the normal/expected crashes of vJo, but because I run two machines, I can recover from that pretty well. That seems to happen maybe 2-3 times each machine in 4-6 hours.

Is there any bundle of info being dropped off anywhere after you get this? You might check the vJo directories? I've never heard of BugTrap. Maybe where ever that is installed might have a bundle?

I will let you know how it is looking once I get my rig set up and working (hopefully), this weekend.
Just in case it might help, in the meantime, here is a very vague "gut-feeling" memory of what my crashes are about...

I seem to remember there being an issue with balancing how much video clip content is pre-loaded, vs loaded from disk once a composition is selected. I think that had something to do with why mine were crashing. I have an entire section of comps that use video clips, and if I rifled through those once it started up, and everything still worked, it tended to remain more stable throughout the rest of the show. I forget how I had the balance configured for this pre-loading, but will find out once I start getting this going, again.

I had to stop almost every thing on the machine from loading, and run vJo and hardly anything else. That maximized memory/CPU. Then it was just a matter of balancing that memory usage from pre-loading clips.

Anyway.... might or might not help in your case. That is just a dying memory cell or two regarding what I think my issue was related to.
Wow! If you ever find yourself in Denver, I'll buy you a beer.

Some bells went off when you mentioned VJ crashing as a result of the gallery becoming over populated. I realized that this problem has occurred before at times when I've been busy amassing compositions, always storing them by default in the Visual Jockey gallery folder.

So, as a test I just moved all of my original fxc files and other content I'd created to a folder on the desktop. To my amazement, visual jockey launched easily after that, and compositions now appear to load fine from the external folder.

Thank you!

I've yet to see how this change effects working in "show mode", but for now I'm very pleased to have access to the thousands of clips I've created.

It's great to find another Visual Jockey user out there. Hit me up anytime to talk shop.
Right on.

vJo has always been a very community-assisted sort of thing, even way back when it was a licensed product. I was sad to see the forums get locked and eventually go down. I think there is an archived copy out there, somewhere, still. But, if anyone would ever just open up another community for it, I bet vJo would live on another 25 years, just the way it is. If you check the FB page, there is still some plugin development going on, now and then.

If anyone could ever get me a copy of the old forums, even if it's just the DB of posts w/o attachments, I would gladly work towards rebuilding that.

Anyway, good luck! Just ping here again if you keep having issues, or try the FB group page. There are a few more people watching that, of course, including a few of us vjOGs. smile

You know what... let's see how high we can make this one fly:

I just slapped it together, today. C'mon over and join in, if you have the time. Tell any vJo friends.

We used to have composition contests. Man, the things generated by those were crazy amazing. The winner of each contest would choose the "fx theme" for the next one. It forced out some unimaginable use of some of the more obscure effects. My personal dream is to see those happening, again, some day.
Awesome! I just registered.
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