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plumbutter patch sharing thread :D
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Author plumbutter patch sharing thread :D
Hi! I'm a newbie here and this is my first post! hyper I got a Plumbutter a few months ago after I saw Hainbach's videos on YouTube and was so amazed that I decided to get one, too!

I have no previous experience with using patch cables and barely have an inkling of what I'm doing, but I really liked how this patch turned out. I didn't want to unplug anything for weeks because I liked it so much but I finally sat down and tried to make a record of it using one of the templates here (thanks!). This is all one patch but I needed to use three images to keep all of the wires from getting too confusing.

I hope others will find it fun and interesting!

I’ve been re-watching this video of PeterB with the Plumbutter and trying to generate the ultrasound noise that starts to be generated (around 11:10). I get similar sounds but not the feeling that it’s generating the noise like on the vid. More an accumulation of clicks, bleeding into each other.

I suspect I’m being too analytical but if there’s tips for generating this kind of sound using I’d be keen to hear.
If you're after the 'noise' kind of sound you may get similar sound by connecting a 3 roll to ultrasound (try browns), and the roll needs to be modulated by other 4 (and 3) rollz somewhat complicated way. I get that kind of sound much easier with rolz5 whose rolls are not voltage controlled.
This is how I'm generating the noise as per previous posts.

The 4 is at slowest and the 3 is just enough to let the noise sound. I've found it a a good starting point for lots of interesting patches. e.g Creating a mirror on the other Rollz and getting more modulation

The noise can be drawn out longer going 3 Roll Orange out into 4 Roll Verso/Inverso (not sure which one but the Blue to slow the Roll down)

What I found from deep-diving on this is it's easy to patch too many things then it all becomes a rapid drill of pulses. In fact, it's what I've really grown to like about the PB, I requires space and balancing feedback to dig out the nuggets.

Also, if you have a Sidrax I’ve had interesting results patching the Orange outs into the PB Verso/Imverso rather than from the Rollz. Pressing the Barres gives a different playable effect

Very nice patch thumbs up thumbs up Thanks for sharing.

By the way, I'm still after Plumbutter official page's example sound. Those are the sound made me to get a PB, bestest of PB for me. I can't get really the same sound no matter what. I think they were made by first version of PB and suppose that's the reason. I prefer PB2 formfactor, tho..
... wanted to share the following patch which sounds cool when adding some delay: avdog contributing a constant tone, gongz a bongo-bass and ultrasound some vibes up to a very cool steamy sound (depending on turning the fm knob completely counterclock-wise) ... hope you like it:
It's so often the same patch doesn't yield the same result. It's not because of the subtle knob position; more likely the caps' condition etc. So to replicate something exactly, even chord patching order needs to be in mind, or even more is that sometimes plugged some jack and then umplugged it (to make some condition to the cap etc - my guess). That's where PB is very interesting and at the same time frustrating (hard reproducibility) and makes making truly working patch book so hard Dead Banana
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