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plumbutter patch sharing thread :D
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Author plumbutter patch sharing thread :D
that is an awesome idea I would have never thought of putting audio rate voltages in there
this also works with the snare...

thank you so much for pointing it out!
thumbs up
more to explore everyday
kozepz I really like the dub track thumbs up
Thanks Krispy!

Here's an example of the audio deerhorn trough the blues via the orange back to the green of d'horn.
The gated effect has a nice influence on the delay.

^ absolutely beautiful! thumbs up
Thanks prscrptn!
Its gonna take a while to make some other dubs as Imac decided to give me the white-screen-of-death, and I have no hardware fx.

okay new patch, i call this one the "Psuedoklee" since it is adding together the voltages of all of the states which are on in the sequencer to get changing CVs rather than just on/off. Noise is added for clock randomness, and the internal oscillator of the SAH is used for a continuous tone.

This one uses the gongs for a more dynamic feel, also syncs them to the sequencer.

Keep in mind that since all of these nodes are connected into one node it is easy to avoid stacking 3 bananas by just finding another node inside of the "supernode" to connect to, even if they arent next to eachother on the patching diagram. Also I suggest experimenting with where the noise is patched into the clock.

ALSO this last patch is dependent on keeping a certain amount of feedback in the loop, so if you dont hear anything just raise the Q on the gong that is plugged into the redsteam sequencer input until it makes a steady tone, then the sequencer will have some on positions and you can lower the Q gradually to find a good point.
Just tried out the patches!

Although obvious I never patched mwrs with itself, thanks! thumbs up
Im not sure its being patched with itself, more just being added together grin thanks though!
Quantum dust modulates the fm of the 4/4 gong, when signal enters the comparator, and the gong fm itself.
The same signal has influence on the decay of the snare/hh.

I think its a nice way to throw in some variation in 4/4 rhythms.

In the last part its get controlled by the other gong via the response time.
I've alse tried it via mwrs to make to the duration time longer but I couldnt get that to work.

kozeps - amazing music and video. really, really cool! makes me think about picking one of these plumbutters up. keep it up, really inspirational!
plumbutter dance party! no diagram on this one?
@blue_li, thanks...dont hessitate, they might be gone before you know it hihi

@windspirit, here's the diagram, very simple patch.
The red cable is connected in the end of the video to give a snare sound.

wrong patch image, belongs to the dancing song
I'll have to make it...will upload it this evening

here's the patch from the video above
really cool kozepz thumbs up

yeah, I had some fun 4/4 moments with the PB too wink

may I ask what program do you use to draw these nice patch cables with shadows ?

Thanks Phi!
Would love to hear your 4/4 moments hyper

I use Illustrator for this, or iDraw on the iPad.
Drop me a note if you need the Illustrator file!
Clicky, snare shuffle doo-dad.

The yellow lines indicate approximate knob positions.
Yay! Welcome to the butter grin
Warning: 4/4 monotonous groove w00t
Patch along smile

kozepz, thanks again for another great PB video and sounds! Nice grooves.

And, will be checking out that new album as well. thumbs up
Thanks jdev!
What I use a lot to lower avdogs pitch:

patch an unlit orange output from an unclocked mwrs into avdogs purple fm and play with the fm knob
I like the low frequencies, really good for low-droning...

Don't know the theory behind it, but it works!
nice! I never even thought of that
I like using the ground on the gongs FM inputs to get some nice low tones

would you mind patching them both up and seeing if they are any different?

Should be getting my coco in a couple weeks
and then I will buy me a pb2 (maybe a dual if I can sell my soundplane)

although I must say if the soundplane doesn't sell before then playing it through the coco will be pretty fun
Sure no problem!
What is the ground? I dont have a black nana on mine hmmm.....

Guess I am following you.
I was getting a eurorack together, but money wise it would take a long time. Gonna sell all and go totally CL..
can you imagine the fun to be had with a dual plumbutter a nice small room and 4 speakers

i was thinking it would be fun to setup the outputs in an X pattern

let us say that the L and R side of the dual plumbutter have outputs numbered 1, 2 (for L) and 3, 4 (for R)

1 4
3 2

you have a pb2 right? I don't think peter installed ground jacks standard on them. The process to add a ground to the cocoquantus is very trivial so hopefully the same would be the case here

CL all the way
are you located in the US if you don't mind me asking?
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