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plumbutter patch sharing thread :D
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Author plumbutter patch sharing thread :D
STOP making me want to spend all my money! evil
Dead Banana sorry

I amm starting to feel the same about myself

I thought I would be selling my soundplane but I just got this response from randy (creator, madrona labs) about the possibility of using the aleph (new stand alone device from monome) with the soundplane for standalone CV generation. I thought for sure it would only work with something like the monome, manta, or shnth as they don't need much as far as translation goes but the soundplane requires an extra application to run in the background.

"I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll just say it can't hurt to wait a week."

the week wait is in reference to the decibel festival
this is their block to talk
"4:00-6:30 – New Media Hardware platforms and communities with Brian Crabtree, Randy Jones and Peter Nyboer.

Monome, Livid, Madrona Labs present thoughts on Open Platforms, DIY hardware and New Media interfaces."

and here I thought I was on a clear path very frustrating
I'd rather imagine two naked ladies in my bed... Guinness ftw!
just can't handle four hihi

My location is The Netherlands.

wednesdayayay wrote:
can you imagine the fun to be had with a dual plumbutter a nice small room and 4 speakers

i was thinking it would be fun to setup the outputs in an X pattern

let us say that the L and R side of the dual plumbutter have outputs numbered 1, 2 (for L) and 3, 4 (for R)

1 4
3 2

you have a pb2 right? I don't think peter installed ground jacks standard on them. The process to add a ground to the cocoquantus is very trivial so hopefully the same would be the case here

CL all the way
are you located in the US if you don't mind me asking?
New laboratory information

I've always wandered how to get both deerhorn's outputs simultaneously.
Sometimes it works when very carefully waving.
Today by mistake somekind of interference seemed to do the trick.

Cable from the orange out touching a screw on the pcb, and its output in the white out of avdog....and perhaps something else
When the cable was not touching the screw, deerhorn went back to left right

I gonna try to reproduce this, but does anyone have a clue?

just found a simple way, but you need to touch the screw with your finger in this one

I was playing around with my new plumbutter2 today

Has anyone else sent cv modulations through the gongs?

I was using the triangle outs from the CQ through the gongs today

Then fm modulating the gongs to sweep their response
If for some reason you like to have all the outs of mwrs lid and some control over it.

Patch output ultrasound A into trigger in mwrs, patch the other ultrasound B out into the purple of mwrs.
The base frequency of B controls now the on/of state of mwrs.

You can modulate this by patching an orange roll out into the fm of the ultrasound B.

I've tried a few of these patches thanks.

I wonder if some of you could help me understand things a little better. I've studied the text on the plumbutter site, but I'm still struggling to figure out the basics. I realise the very nature of this machine is it's randomness, but I'd love to know where to bloody start lol. seriously, i just don't get it

Any guidance would be much appreciated. At the moment I can't seem to even get the snare to make a sound arghh! very frustrating

I can obviously take the random approach and plug the bananas in wherever, but it would be good to have some sort of understanding....

In this thread Pugix wrote some very interesting stuff:

AVDog and Gongue clarified.

Peter's descriptions of these modules on the web page and the schematics are, as usual, light on simplification, but rich in philosophy. I really enjoy reading them. Makes me think and it's fun to figure stuff out. Yesterday, as I ate lunch at work, I read over the AVDog schematic yet again and got more insight into how it works.


AVDog is essentially a VCO followed by a pair of VCAs. The two knobs inside the 'dog body' outline are the main frequency and FM CV attenuator of the VCO. The VCO goes right into a pair of VCAs, the outputs of which are the white and red jacks. Note that the VCO is unheard except by way of the VCAs. (Aux inputs also go into the VCAs.) The unique part of AVDog is the use of a state-variable VCF as an envelope generator. You all know that a filter can be made to ring by sending a pulse to its input. That is exactly what INPULS is, the green jack. It's the VCF input. But think of it rather as the trigger input to the EG. The filter runs at sub-audio frequencies to make an envelope for the VCAs. (This envelope is available on the orange jack.) Unlike a normal EG, this one has a response rate and a Q control (the knobs outside the dog body). These vary how it responds to trigger inputs. The blue VER and INV are CV inputs for the EG response rate. That's it. When you send external input to AVDog, you are using it as a EG/VCA and the VCO is deactivated by setting the TRAD/GONZ switch to the middle.


It's a bit confusing that AVDog and Gongue have the same panel layout. They are different beasts. Gongue is essentially a VCF, but it only acts in a normal VCF manner when using the Aux input. It's primary use is as a filter that rings in the audio range. The filter center frequency, CV input, and Q controls are inside the body outline. It makes the bongo sound by being run by another part of its circuit, that I'll call the Trigger part (Theta on the schematic). Theta is an envelope generator, but a very strange one. It's triggered by INPULS (green), but the triggers are delayed by a voltage controlled section. The rate pot for that is outside the Gongue body outline (in the same location as the frequency pot for AVDog). The blue VER and INV CV inputs affect the Trigger section. The result of delaying of the INPULS goes to the filter input to ring it, resulting in bongos. This is simple, right. lol I have a harder time explaining Gongue, because the Trigger part isn't like any ordinary synthesizer module. It also outputs its envelope on the orange and gray jacks. Orange is normal and gray is inverted (and also AC-coupled for some reason).

More information, gleaned last night.

Trigger inputs (green banana jack, except for the ultrasound inputs, which are audio inputs) can be driven by a brown jack from a rolls lfo. This includes the AVDog, Gongue, Man with Red Steam clock, and Snare Hit trigger.

You can patch anything together without fear. I found that the red pulse outputs from the shifter (Man with Red Steam) can be patched together to get a kind of 'wire-or' function. Stack two of those into snare hit trigger and you get a snare hit on both.

In case it wasn't clear, the Red button overrides the data input on Man with Red Steam and sets it on. The White button overrides it and sets it off. White button does nothing unless there's a clock input patched.

I've found this about the triggering. A falling pulse into the green jack initiates the action. After this "INPULS" there is a delayed response. In AVDog it takes the form of a subsonic filter ringing. In Gong it's a secondary, delayed trigger. The delay times are voltage controllable via the blue jacks.

I don't think that strongly synching events in plumbutter is a design goal. (Though you can make the two 4-rolz go in lockstep by patching between their brown jacks). Rather, the rhythmic events are temporally correlated without being strictly synchronized. There is always some delay in AVDog and Gong between between the trigger and the effect it produces. You can shorten or lengthen the delay time, but not make it zero.

Are you using a walmart or batteries? I read it could make a difference in response.
Ah man Kozepz, thanks for this!
I'm using a battery at the moment. Maybe thats why the snare isn't did cross my mind hmm
It was working before
I had trouble getting batteries to work consistently or for very long
was it brand new? That certainly helped me out before but your best ticket is a power adapter

the plumbutter is such a fun puzzlebox
Yes it was a new battery...but maybe its running out of juice. Everything else seems to be working fine though

Puzzlebox yep I agree haha Dead Banana
So this is not strictly a patching related question, buuuuut
Has anyone here has messed with the tuning capacitors on their deerhorn? I ask bc when i turned on pb recently, the bottom screw antenna seems to have stopped participating in the radio field. The top screw still works as it should, but the bottom one only triggers the oscillator if the screw itself is actually being touched. All the other inputs/outputs and controls are working. I'm wondering if tweaking the tuning cap(s) might bring the response back?
I will prob try this out when i get back from holiday travels, but thought I'd put it out there in case anybody has advice Tinfoil Hat thx!
I never have messed with mine
sorry I'm not any help
some clarification would be nice
you may have to ask shoot peter an email
yeah occasionally it will get out of whack, tweaking the tuning cap will do the trick. its easy to do, just find a small flat-head screwdriver and put the top cross tuning knob near to the center. then turn the trimmer just a little bit at a time while putting your hand over the antenna until you get a good balance between the two oscillators. you can use the leds as a guide too
coola thanks for the info bartlebooth, i'll give it a shot when i return next week and let ye know what happens.

btw is there anything fun/interesting going on this weekend?
Im in baltimore visiting the fam, and have sunday free to roam...
Has anyone found a way to have the top oscillator ring out for a shorter time? I find that this is the main reason that I don't use the deer horn as much as I would like to.
not sure if this is what you're after but if you flick your wrists so your hand quickly passes in and out of the radio field you should be able to get very short percussive hits. peter once explained to me that the deerhorn is designed to respond to the energy of your gesture, similar to a sidrassi bar.
Hmmm its usually the lower oscillator that reacts proportionally to my gestures but the top oscillator, as soon as I pull my hand away it just rings out for about 10-15 seconds. Its not like the pressure bar where one output is triggered only when going down and the other is triggered only when going up.
has anyone else tried selfcycling the gongs?

it takes a quick cable change but plug a cable into the green input of a gong
then trigger it and unplug the trigger source then plug the cable into the white output of the same gong

now this is all well and good and you can set your time by the response time knob but if you then take the same gongs grey output and insert it into the blue verso/inverso of the gong you can create little patterns by varying the response time rather than just tempo changes.
If you like to increase the tempo in a stable way for your techno gongues

Bringing this thread back!

I've been trying to plug things in the PB "where they shouldn't go" more recently to coax even wierder sounds out of it. This sound is not the most compelling but it is still pretty cool. The gong feedback is mostly to provide rhythmic variation to the rollz, interestingly enough modulating verso and inverso using the same gong does not cancel out. I am pretty sure that these two outputs are different kinds of signals, hence the different colors.

Anyways the interesting sound comes out of the Ultrasound, AVDOG doesn't really make any sounds (that I have noticed). You will mostly hear the effect with both the speed and Q of the AVDOG all the way CW and the bottom "quantum" knob of the MWTRS snare drum all the way CCW. The largest change in the sound then obviously comes from messing with the base frequency and FM knobs of the ultrasound. Then of course speed of the rollz and division of the gong create rhythmic variations. You really just have to mess around with it to get what is going on.
Thanks for reviving this - I patched up BOTh of the last patches, and then mixed them together, it seems that my PB Dearborn likes having two more 'friends' on the coco-deer.
Quit bragging about having a cocodeer and just upload a video already! :p
windspirit wrote:
Quit bragging about having a cocodeer and just upload a video already! :p

I desperately tried tonight, but the technology of a v capture railed against me waah
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